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The Stockholm Major Day 2 Fantasy Guide

The Stockholm Major starts on May 12. The event will have a fantasy league, which will use DPC league fantasy cards. We made a guide, helping you to pick the best team from the cards you have.

Overall tips and rules:

  • While only the best series will count, it's still beneficial to pick a team which plays more matches in a given day, unless it's a clear outsider. This way players will have more opportunities to gain a better score.
  • The best teams to pick are those who are expected to play a longer series and win in it. The winning part is especially important for cores, as supports get most of their points even if they lose.
  • On average, plain card of a stronger player is better than silver or gold of a weaker one.
  • For Core slots carries are must picks. For Supports it's much better to pick a support who does most of the warding for the team.
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Teams that play two matches on May 13:

This season Fantasy is going to be a bit weird, because most viewers have cards from specific regions, instead of all participants. So if you have a lot of cards from stronger regions, you are in a better position. Because of this, we are going to list players based on their regions. If you have everything, just pick who you like from these lists.

Best picks for cores:

WEU: MATUMBAMAN, skiter. EEU: Yatoro. NA: Timado. SEA: Gabbi, JACKBOYS

Best picks for supports:

WEU: iNsania, Saksa/Sneyking. EEU: Miposhka. NA: DuBu. SEA: Whitemon, TIMS.

Best picks for mid:

WEU: bzm, m1CKe. EEU: TORONTOTOKYO. SEA: Yopaj-, Karl

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