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Valve addresses toxicity in small Dota 2 update

Dota 2 now reveals to a user how often he's being reported for communication abuse. Developers added this section to the user conduct popup in a small update without a patch note. It was spotted on SteamDB by Reddit users.

Communication warnings appear when an abuser gets into 5% of most toxic people in Dota 2. Following reports may lead to a ban with auto premute in game chats.

Communication Warnings are issued when you receive more reports than approximately 95% of the player population. If you continue to be reported, a ban will be issued and players will be unable to see your chat without first un-muting you. In addition, each report may result in the reduction of your behavior score.

Communications reports include reports from both allies and enemies. You can not be reported for communications abuse by someone if you have not communicated with that person in game. Communications Abuse reports accumulate over a period of 15 games.

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The last Dota 2 update was 7.31c, released on May 4. Valve nerfed Primal Beast and other strong meta heroes like Tiny, Sand King, Storm Spirit, and Keeper of the Light. The developers also fixed Harpy Scout and changed several neutral items.

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