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The Stockholm Major Day 1 Fantasy Guide

The Stockholm Major starts on May 12. The event will have a fantasy league, which will use DPC league fantasy cards. We made a guide, helping you to pick the best team from the cards you have.

This season Fantasy is going to be a bit weird, because most players have cards from specific regions, instead of all participants. So if you have a lot of cards from stronger regions, you are in a better position.

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Overall tips and rules:

  • While only the best series will count, it's still beneficial to pick a team which plays more matches in a given day, unless it's a clear outsider. This way players will have more opportunities to gain a better score.
  • The best teams to pick are those who are expected to play a longer series and win in it. The winning part is especially important for cores, as supports get most of their points even if they lose.
  • On average, plain card of a stronger player is better than silver or gold of a weaker one.
  • For Core slots carries are must picks. For Supports it's much better to pick a support who does most of the warding for the team.

Teams that play two matches on May 12:

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Good picks for Cores:

I will try to chose at least two decent options in regions, in case you only have them.

WEU: dyrachyo, Yuragi. NA: Arteezy, Timado. EEU: Yatoro, Daxak. SEA: Gabbi, Raven.


WEU: tOfu/Seleri, Saksa/Sneyking. NA: JerAx, DuBu. EEU: Miposhka, SoNNeikO. SEA: skem/TIMS, Whitemon.


WEU: bzm. NA: Abed is the only option due to Bryle starting the tournament on the offlane. EEU: TORONTOTOKYO, Larl. SEA: Yopaj-.


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