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Gunnar: "Tusk and Nature’s Prophet are the most underrated mid heroes right now" Interview

4 Zoomers' midlaner Nicolas "Gunnar" Lopez named the most underrated mid heroes in the current Dota 2 meta. He chose Tusk and Nature's Prophet while speaking with the NA DPC panel after the team's victory over The Cut.

Tusk, and I think Storm Spirit. He is getting rated now, but he was underrated a week or two ago. But people kinda know him already. I think Nature's Prophet might make a comeback. [What about Clockwerk?] That's an old one. The research now didn't pan out.

Nicolas "Gunnar" Lopez
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[How 4 Zoomers changed their strategy with a new coach]

We had to go through a lot of changes in some sense this season. We got a coach, which is really cool, but what ends up happening, you just have a 6th person in the room with another opinion. Mangusu worked with Costabile and was recommended for us. We haven't tried to work with that [before]. You know, there was a point when we were like: "Wow, we are able to talk so little". So we worked on communication a lot this season.

We also kinda changed our entire idea about drafting and how we play the game. I think, if we look over our replays of even three weeks ago, we're gonna think: "Wow, we didn't know what we were doing. So we had a pretty big, massive shift in our team".

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[On 4Zs' unusual hero picks]

Let's say DK is the most broken thing right now. But there's going to be a way that people are going to solve him. This DK 1st pick or 6-7th will get found out. And we are going to find the next evolution. Either the thing that beats him or the thing that's also uncountered and fills the DK's role. That ends up having us have new heroes like Faceless Void offlane. This is how we're trying to find a teamfight offlaner that will work in this meta. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. A lot of the time we kinda know what we are doing with our heroes in the draft. So it's not a flex for us.

Nicolas "Gunnar" Lopez

4 Zoomers defeated The Cut and finished the Spring tour with a 3-4 record. Lately, Gunnar was playing unusual heroes like Keeper of the Light, Tusk, and Snapfire.

It is still unknown who will get the NA major spots. In the final round, TSM will meet Quincy Crew, and Evil Geniuses will face Team Dogchamp.

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