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All TI10 Participants to Wear GPS Trackers as a COVID-19 Precaution Photo

Update from 19:45 (GMT+3): This tracker is not a GPS one. It "sees" other trackers and stores with whom you've been spending time the most. If someone tests positive, their tracker data is retrieved to isolate contacts and test them. Players can't enter event areas without the tracker on them.

Original article: Escorenews's writer in Bucharest reports that The International 2021 organizers made players wear a GPS tracker. This precaution was introduced to protect the teams from COVID-19 as Bucharest has seen a spike in new cases.

The device is a small red keychain attached to the participant's event badge (see photo below).

Several TI10 participants have already caught COVID-19. They are all five Aster players as well as several members of Invictus Gaming. Both teams arrived from China earlier in September.


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