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Valve have released the patch 7.30: second Roshan has lost a cheese, while 8 neutral items removed

On August 18, Dota 2 got a 7.30 update. It's added 8 new neutral items, removed 7 old ones, and amended the draft order in Captain's Mode. The patch brings nerfs for Broodmother, Luna, and Templar Assassin.

General updates

Now the second phase is changed from Dire/Radiant/Dire/Radiant to Dire/Radiant/Radiant/Dire. Second, Roshan no longer drops cheese, while Water Rune regeneration was decreased from 80 to 40 HP. Since 7.30 neutral creeps will drop 5 items per tier instead of 4.

Item updates

Valve removed the following 7 neutral items entirely and reworked several others. The authors added 8 new neutral items and reworked Helm of the Overlord and Silver Edge with the decreasing of their total costs.

Hero updates

Valve fixed Winter Wyvern, Luna, Templar Assassin, and other popular heroes in 7.29. Tinker got a massive rework, while Lycan, Beastmaster, and Slark faced buffs.


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