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The International 10 will be held in October in Bucharest, Romania

The International 10 is transferred from Stockholm to Bucharest, Romania, as announced by Valve. Swedish government could not provide guarantees of access for all the players and organizers of the event as esports is not recognized by the country.

Esports is also not recognized in Romania, but the country already hosted EURO 2020 football matches and also opens its borders even for touristic purposes. The International 2021 starts on October 7, and the group stage lasts for four days. The main event starts on October 12 at Arena Naţională with 55 634 seats capacity.

Another important thing about moving the tournament to Bucharest is PGL, which headquarters is located there. PGL was a 'subcontracting party' for the latest TI tournaments except for the Chinese one. The company might have necessary connections with the government to secure access for every TI participant despite the current situation with COIVD-19.


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