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WaR and Pecado Squad Gaming banned from DPC and Valve events for match-fixing

Wind and Rain and Pecado Squad Gaming were banned for match-fixing during the second season of DPC NA, organizers from BTS announced. All players of the teams received a lifetime ban from Valve and BTS events. All match results of WaR and PSG have been nullified.

However, all players denied their guilty. Chad "Szabo666" Szabo and Ilyas "Steel-_-Borco" Kaukenov posted their thoughts on the situation.

In no way was I involved in any kind of match-fixing at all. I had a strict and firm talk with the players and manager that if I suspected any kind of match-fixing , I would blow the lid off the entire thing . Even have screenshots to prove.

I had suspicions of match-fixing and went to admins. I am in contact with relevant people and have been for a while on this exact issue. As far as I am aware, I'm the one who exposed all of the match-fixing in the first place. I would also like to make it clear that we do not live.

in a team house. Borco (pos4 ) was the only person I brought over when I joined the team and I have confidence he is not involved in any way as well. The 5 and the 1 position played from Russia and Ukraine and the manager of Wind and Rain brought them, (along with the pos 3) when I joined. We will see what happens in the upcoming days but I can promise you all that I was not involved in this and have proof to back it up.

Chad "Szabo666" Szabo

Dota Pro Circuit 2021: Season 2 - North America Lower Division was held online from April 12 to May 22. 8 teams competed for a $75,000 prize pool.


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