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Patch 7.29: a new hero Dawnbreaker, water rune and map changes

The new 7.29 update went live on the servers. Valve brought new hero Dawnbreaker, map's update and reworked approximately all heroes. Necronomicon and Royal Jelly were removed from Dota 2.

New hero

Dawnbreaker is a carry with strength as her main attribute. Her key feature is the ultimate Solar Guardian that allows her to teleport globally. On the landing, it damages and stuns opponents within a radius of 500.

Map changes

The map has seen some adjustments. Developers added trees and more wooded paths. They also changed the position of neutral camps and cliffs. Outposts now are locating in the middle of the forests.

Water rune

The main change is Water Power Rune. It spawns at both Power Rune locations only at minute 2 and 4 and instantly restores 100 health and 80 mana. Water Rune can be used to fill bottles.

Item updates

A lot of items were reworked. Necronomicon and Royal Jelly were deleted from the game. Tango pooling has been removed from the Strategy Phase UI. From now shared tango expires after 40 seconds.

Abyssal no longer has a blink effect, while Divine Rapier no longer provides true strike. Sentry wards now cost 50 gold instead of 75 but the radius was reduced from 1000 to 900. The cost of TP scroll was increased up to 100 but now heroes gain one TP for each death.

Other News

2021-09-12 06:03:00 Valve released hotfix 7.30c
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