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Valve changes CIS and EU DPC tiebreaker rules at the last moment

Valve changed the tiebreaker rules for DPC in CIS and EU region at the end of the season, DatDota developer and analyst Ben ‘Noxville’ Steenhuisen reported. According to him, developers have instructed ESL and DreamHack to make their tiebreakers identical to the other regions.

For now, teams from the top of the ladder have tiebreakers with an equal number of points if they leading into the Major play-off and the Major group stage. This change doesn’t influence the EU Upper Division but could impact CIS Upper and Lower Divisions.

If NAVI beat on February 26, teams will play the second time in a tiebreaker match for Major slots. The winner will lead to a play-off while the defeated team secures a spot on the group stage.


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