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Puppey: “Alliance play very textbooky. I don’t think they experiment as much as they should”

The captain of Team Secret Clement ‘Puppey’ Ivanov assessed the game form of Alliance. According to him, the European team has become more disciplined and less variative in terms of picks at DreamLeague DPC S14.

Alliance is a good team. They have structural drafts. I don’t think they change much of their drafts. I don’t think they experiment as much as they should. In my opinion, it’s not as volatile as playing somebody like Nigma or something which you don’t know what to expect. But of course, that’s can be also Nigma’s down for are them for a draft a little bit too crazy things and stuff.

Alliance for me is a good team that knows how to control the map so you just have to understand. They play very textbooky in a very good way and very disciplined.

Clement ‘Puppey’ Ivanov

On the 13th of February, Team Secret took down Alliance 2-1 and consolidated leadership in the upper division of the DPC European regional league.


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2021-05-06 16:06:00 Ppd joined Alliance as a coach
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