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All sets from the Frostivus Treasure Chest 2023

On December 14, Valve released the 7.35 Dota 2 update, including Frostivus Event, the first one from 2017. All the players may fill up their Frostivus Spirit Meter and get a locked Frostivus Treasure Chest.

Using the key, they may open the chest and gain one of the items. There are three tiers of the items from the Frostivus Treasure Chest.

Tier 1 items:

Courier Serac and Floe — the Seal Bundle

Death Prophet: Mistress of the Long Night (Rare)

Enchantress: First Night of the Summer Child (Rare)

Techies: Powdersled Rookery (Rare)

Lycan: Trail of the Gray Ghost (Rare)

Alchemist: Frostreach Brigants (Rare)

Timbersaw: Trek of the Trailblazer (Rare)

Invoker: Northern Blight (Rare)

Troll Warlord: Icewrack Marauder (Rare)

Kunkka: Pack-Ice Privateer (Rare)

Keeper of the Light: Forgotten Renegade (Rare)

Sand King: Ruler of the Frostbite Dunes (Rare)

Pudge: Hunt of the Odobenus One (Mythical)

Batrider: Apex Explorer (Mythical)

Tier 2 items

Spirit Breaker: Winter Lineage Bite of the Surging Wind (Mythical)

Drow Ranger: The Gaze of Zebulon (Mythical)

Silencer: Hush of Eternal Night (Mythical)

Ursa: Hunter of the Crystal Drift (Mythical)

Lich: Rites of Vile Convocation (Mythical)

Puck: Curious Coldspell (Mythical)

Tiny: Frostmoot (Mythical)

Tier 3 items

Alchemist: Lumpo and Rupertus (Legendary)

Primal Beast: The Abominable Snowbeast (Legendary)

Ancient Apparition: Silent Wight (Legendary)

Snapfire: Silver Squall (Immortal)

Arc Warder: Orbuculum Equinox (Immortal)

Tusk: Jingle Fist (Immortal)

Pudge: Frosty the Sew-Man (Immortal)

Тир-4 предметы

Crystal Maiden: Guardian Snow Angel (Mythical)

Wraith King: King Kringle (Arcana)

Courier: Gingerbread Baby Roshan (Immortal) — Cosmically rare

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