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"I would compete at TI for beer and crackers, I don't give a shit". Dyrachyo talks about TI12 and its prizepool, and why GG will be a favorite Exclusive

Gaimin Gladiators carry Anton "dyrachyo" Shkredov met with our journalist Polina Mashina before the start of BetBoom DACHA. The Dota 2 player spoke about the team's shape, preparation, and chances at The International 2023.

— You said you were emotionally exhausted after Riyadh Masters 2023. How do you feel now?

— I was very tired after Riyadh Masters 2023. There were intense games and stress as we had a lot of comebacks in the playoffs. There is a lot of different emotions when you play in the lower bracket, so I was exhausted. Now, everything is very cool and just great, I've recharged. I will try to be in better shape for The International 2023.

— What were the difficult parts of Riyadh Masters, and how did you deal with them?

— In the group stage, we realized we threw too many games. We couldn't properly finish matches and gave away a lot of series. In the end, we got 4th in the group and tried to work over our issues. In playoffs, we realized some heroes weren't working. We probably didn't discuss it enough, had little scrims, and didn't follow out the other teams, that's why Quinn… Well, it happens.

— You didn't scrim before The Bali Major and Riyadh Masters 2023? What about now?

— I couldn't play practice matches before Riyadh Masters 2023 because I was getting visas. We didn't scrim much before BetBoom DACHA. We had 4-5 days of 3 games each just to recall how things work. I think we'll play some official games and scrims here [in Yerevan] and then go home for DreamLeague Season 21. We'll have another set of matches there. And before TI, we'll go to the bootcamp until October 8-9 to constantly play pubs, discuss the game and practice, and play some Dota 2.

Source: Valve

— You always had an intense schedule. Why did you agree to attend BetBoom DACHA and didn't take a break?

— Honestly, the month of chilling after Riyadh Masters 2023 was enough for me. I'm bored already, and I cannot rest anymore. Well, I'll still be relaxing here, of course. BetBoom DACHA is kind of a transitional tournament from chill to tryhard mode.

— Have you experienced burnout this season?

— I had no issues. Seleri had some after DreamLeague, when I was drafting a bit. Now it's back to normal. We're all refreshed and ready. The goal to win every tournament in the year was set a long time ago, we need to reach it. We still have three events left.

— Why doesn't your team feel burnout?

— I think we do not get pressured when going to the events. Everyone seems to feel comfortable in the team and likes how things go. It's very important. We enjoy the game, and nobody feels forced. People know how to relax and don't spend time playing 20 pubs and 10 scrims per day. We have some breaks.

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— What's the TI12 preparation plan?

— We'll have a bootcamp in Serbia until October 8-9. Then we go to Seattle, just playing scrims, talking about Dota a lot. We'll prepare just like before any other event but with more time dedicated to scrims and pubs and less to side activities.

On average, we played 4 scrims and 5-6 pubs per day during the season. I guess we'll have 4-6 scrims and 8 pubs [per day]. Obviously, I'm not going to play to the state where I start getting pissed off and flame people in matchmaking. I'll try to keep a balance to enjoy the game and not feel annoyed.

— You can win DreamLeague and DACHA and come to TI as favorites or lose them and go with less eyes focused on you. What would be better?

— Obviously, as favorites. In our situation, we're already considered one of the trophy contenders. Players, in particular, won't think we will drop out as top-20. There will be no such thing. I think everyone will be ready for us. It would be a mistake for our opponents not to prepare to play against us. I think it would be great to win DACHA in a chill mode and then try hard at DreamLeague and also win it. TI will have its own meta, but our team will come in peak form.

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— Why do you think they'll see you as favorites when streamers have been saying otherwise lately?

— That's coming not from players but from people watching Dota from aside. I think teams will pay respect to us. Obviously, they won't think, "GG won something, but now they come here, and we'll trash them." Korb3n might say that, as he may be responsible for morale in Team Spirit. Nix is just an uninvolved commentator. They think all the teams will put their best effort into preparation for TI12. But how is it different from the regular preparation? Everyone has the same routine: you play scrims and pubs, and that's it.

We simply had better basics in some moments, and nothing should change going forward unless we are irresponsible. Or, if some super genius team will find something like Tundra did at TI11 with Wraith Pact. I think it's all nonsense. I don't claim we're going to win TI, but we're definitely among the favorites and should perform well.

Source: Valve

— You mentioned Tundra surprising everyone last year. Do you have any idea who might repeat something similar at this TI?

— Typically, such teams emerge unexpectedly. Like it was with Spirit at The International 2021. They keep winning while the event lasts, and in the end, everyone is shocked. You can't predict things like that. Maybe Thunder Awaken [laughs], I don't know.

— As a player, are you bothered that the TI12 prize pool is still unknown?

— To be honest, I would compete for beer and crackers, I don't give a shit. Give me the Aegis plate, and I will drink beer from it. I really don't care, whatever happens. Can I somehow change it? No. So why should I bother?

— Wouldn't you feel less motivated because of it?

— Of course not. The International gives you status. If you have status, you most often have the money. That's my take on it. A good example is that I have less prize money than Larl. But I got my profit, and I don't regret it. If they'd suggest me getting only the Riyadh Masters trophy instead of others, I wouldn't change anything, probably.

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— You're rarely discussed as a tier-1 carry, do you feel offended by it?

— I absolutely do not care. I had so much to get through, there was so much flaming. I'm used to it. If I keep winning, I can be the worst carry, I don't give a crap. I know my strengths and weaknesses. Others' opinions on who's better is a question that will never get a correct answer. I don't care, everyone has his own take on it.

BetBoom DACHA will be held from September 10 to 16 in Yerevan, Armenia. The prize pool of $250,000 will be split among eight participating teams. The event will be held in a cottage in a light-hearted manner and atmosphere with side activities and fun content.


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