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All sets from Summer Collector's Cache 2023. Six-pack for Legion Commander and AM Persona included

On August 30, Dota 2 developers released a new update for the game. Among many new features and improvements, there is a new chest, available in the shop. It has 16 sets in them, including items for heroes like Marci, Primal Beast, Spectre, ultra rare Anti-Mage set with a Persona included, and a six-pack for Legion Commander.

The chest will be available in the shop until October 11th. It costs $2.50, and can be recycled if you have a Dota Plus subscription.

Primeval Abomination, Primal Beast

Astral Herald, Dawnbreaker

Spectral Shadow, Abaddon

Taur Rider, Alchemist

Crescent Huntress, Spectre

Tyrant of the Veil, Wraith King

Tomo'Kan Footsoldier, Hoodwink

Darkwood Eulogy, Death Prophet

Sea Spirit, Kunkka

Triumph of the Imperatrix, Legion Commander

Beast of the Thunder, Storm Spirit

Ancestral Heritage, Jakiro

Dezun Viper, Dazzle

Brightfist, Marci (Rare bonus drop)

Snailfire, Snapfire (Very Rare bonus drop)

Turstarkuri Pilgrim, Anti-Mage (Ultra Rare bonus drop, includes Persona)


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