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Pure: "I believe I was one of the best carries and can become the best offlaner in the world now" Exclusive

BetBoom Team's player Ivan "Pure" Moskalenko spoke to our journalist Polina Mashina after he moved to offlane from carry role, giving it away to Egor "Nightfall" Grigorenko. He talked about the change, shared his opinion on patch 7.33 and explained what happened after the scandalous interview with their coach Anatoliy "Boo1k" Ivanov.

About patch 7.33

Auras are very strong right now in Dota, but it's not necessary to always play these kinds of heroes. You can buy one aura item and be a proper core as Magnus, for example. But you can have fun with auras too, if the game goes well. <...>

[How's your success on the offlane in 7.33?] I have a 60% win rate on my smurf and 80% on my main account. I think it's good right now. There are more resources for offlaners on the map now, so you can always have a good networth. Plus, there are more opportunities to go through portals, and it's very interesting. There is no team right now to understand the map 100% or knows how to play well. Everyone is experimenting and trying to find something suiting them, to play in a new way.

Ivan "Pure" Moskalenko
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About the roles swap with Nightfall

Source: BetBoom Team

We had conversations about the role swap for quite a while. Nightfall initiated them. We had a team talk, and it was a team decision. Together, we decided it would be best for all of us, including me and Egor. [Why did you swap only now?] I've been playing position 3 for a long time, I started before the Major. Initially, we wanted to go there with me as an offlaner. [Would the result be better with you there?] I think yes. Not taking away from Resolut1on, he's a very good player. It's just that it would be better team-wise.<...>

As a carry, you need to feel when to farm and when to play safe. You must be more disciplined and make only 100% [correct] decisions. As an offlaner, you can play more aggressively and have more fun. I'm not afraid to change the role. I think talented players are talented in everything. I believe I was one of the best carries and can become the best offlaner in the world now.

Ivan "Pure" Moskalenko
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What exactly has changed after the team restructure?

It's not clear so far. We didn't have a lot of games, and the distance was not that big to understand the changes. Our communication became more calm. That's where our role swap is a positive thing for sure.

[What are you working on right now?] I cannot say what exactly. because it's an inner kitchen thing. But we are obviously more disciplined and patient in some aspects. We called out our problems and now are becoming better as persons, as a team, and as players. We have a strict schedule and fines for mistakes in daily routine. If you wake up late, you're fined. We try to get up at 10-12 AM, so we will be ready to play Dota at 12 AM. Our discipline can be seen even in drafts.

Ivan "Pure" Moskalenko
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On boo1k's harsh interview revealing team issues

I wasn't at the Major and cannot judge it with 100% confidence, even though I understand what's going on in the team. It seems to me that Boo1k's interview was done based on emotions. But people started thinking on some points afterwards, so I think it was for good. Now, we are developing and working on our issues, including those brought up by Boo1k.

Ivan "Pure" Moskalenko

BetBoom had not gotten out of the groups for the second Major in a row, performing way below expectations, especially considering Winter Tour success. Due to visa issues, they had to replace Pure with Resolut1on in Berlin. After their exit, Boo1k publicly criticized his own team for undisciplined behavior and a lack of structure.

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Cover: BetBoom Team

The Berlin Major 2023 The Berlin Major 2023

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