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Dota 2 Patch 7.33 new map locations: Neutral creep camps, Tormentors, Lotus Pools, new runes, and other places

The classic map of Dota 2 became 40% bigger in the last patch 7.33. This is the biggest overhaul in history, which has seen many changes. With it, on the map were added 12 new neutral camps, Lotus Pools, Twin Gates and other structures. In this guide, we gathered all of them with exact positions.

Where are Neutral Creep camps on the patch 7.33 map? All new neutral creep locations

Source: Redditor RantiNasha

Where are Twin Gates, Tormentors, Roshan Pits, Outposts, Lotus Pools, and runes on the patch 7.33 map?

White circles are Roshan pits

Some of the most important new buildings are Tormentors, which now provide Aghanim Shards. These mini-boss structures spawn at 20 minutes, have only one health point, but are quite hard to beat. You can read more about them by clicking the link below. You can also read about the reworked BKB, matchmaking system, and new items.

How to kill Tormentors in Dota 2? Guide to new mini-bosses of patch 7.33

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