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How much MMR do you need to rank up? Complete list of ranks and their MMR (2023)

Dota 2 patch 7.33 brought a new matchmaking system and recalibration games. Many players struggle to understand where they are on the current ladder or how much MMR they need to rank up. Here's the chart to check your status.

There are the following ranks in Dota 2: Herald, Guardian, Crusader, Archon, Legend, Ancient, Divine, and Immortal. Each of those is divided into five subranks. Immortal players don't have them as they compete for being the best and look at the regional scoreboard. There is no official information about the MMR of every position, so keep in mind that these numbers are approximate.

Herald Guardian Crusader Archon
1 0 MMR 900 MMR 1750 MMR 2650 MMR
2 300 MMR 1050 MMR 1900 MMR 2800 MMR
3 450 MMR 1200 MMR 2050 MMR 2950 MMR
4 600 MMR 1350 MMR 2200 MMR 3050 MMR
5 750 MMR 1500 MMR 2400 MMR 3200 MMR
Legend Ancient Divine Immortal
1 3350 MMR 4250 MMR 5100 MMR
2 3550 MMR 4400 MMR 5350 MMR
3 3750 MMR 4650 MMR 5500 MMR
4 3900 MMR 4800 MMR 5650 MMR
5 4050 MMR 4950 MMR 5780 MMR
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Dota 2 developers also added a new Glicko system with Patch 7.33. It factors in your Rank Confidence, the new metric that determines how close you are to the estimated skill level. Basically, the more you play, the better the system will determine your rank. You can read more about the Glicko system here. Also, depending on the strength of your opponents, the MMR gain or loss will now often vary from the usual +25/-25.

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