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How does new BKB work in Dota 2 patch 7.33? Debuff Immunity explained

With the new Dota 2 patch 7.33, Valve got rid of one of the staples of the game. Yes, Spell Immunity and Black King Bar have been reworked into Debuff Immunity. It's not an easy concept at the first glance, so here's the explanation with examples.

How does Debuff Immunity work?

In general, the developers removed immune targets being untargetable. Any spell can now be cast on the heroes protected by BKB, but their effects will not apply (unless they pierce the new immunity type). The magical resistance provided by Debuff Immunity replaced the full invulnerability. Note that they also completely negate Pure and Reflected types of damage.

Important moments:

  • BKB applies basic dispel upon usage.
  • Magic Resistance from the Debuff Immunity is combined with your hero's natural Magic Resistance.
  • If your BKB expires before the debuff, you will fall under the effect for the remaining time. For example, a Silence effect cast over the Debuff Immunity will do nothing until BKB wears off.
  • Most of the abilities that previously pierced Spell Immunity will do just that (Primal Roar or Fiend's Grip).
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List of abilities with Debuff Immunity and their Magic Resistance

  • Brewmaster's Earth Brewling, Clockwerk (Talent), Dawnbreaker (Shard), Elder Titan (Scepter), Huskar (Life Break), Legion Commander (Talent), Lion (Shard), Marci (Talent), Pangolier (Rolling Thunder and Roll Up), all grant 50% Magic Resistance.
  • Juggernaut (Blade Fury) and Lifestealer (Rage) grant 80% Magic Resistance.
  • Grimstroke's Dark Portrait illusion has 95% Magic Resistance.

To sum it up, you can treat the new BKB just like the previous one, but keep in mind that part of the damage will go through, and the effects can take over you after it expires. Some specific situations may vary on a case-by-case basis. For example, Primal Roar is magical but pierces Debuff Immunity. So, its target's innate Magic Resistance will still take place, but the one provided by BKB will be ignored.

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