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How to kill Tormentors in Dota 2? Guide to new mini-bosses of patch 7.33

One of the patch 7.33 innovations in Dota 2 are Tormentors. The new buildings are equipped with megashields and reflect damage. We've built a guide to these mini-bosses, how to kill them and get the Aghanim's Shards.

Who (or what) are Tormentors?

Tormentors are the new mini-bosses in Dota 2 that grant Aghanim's Shards if you slay them. They spawn near the offlanes at 20:00. Keep in Roshan no longer provides the Shard.

Tormentor Stats

  • Tormentor has 1 Health, 20 Armor, 55% Magic Resistance and a 2500 Damage Barrier which regenerates at 100 HP/s. Bounty: 250 gold.
  • Tormentors don't attack or move, but they reflect 70% of damage received evenly among all heroes within 1200 radius. All reflected damage is dealt as Magical. Deals 200% damage to Illusions.
  • If all heroes have an Aghanim's Shard, then destroying a Tormentor gives 280 gold and 280 experience to each hero.
  • Tormentors respawn in 10 minutes after their defeat, each time increasing their barrier regen by 100 HP/s and damage reflection by 20%.

Defeated Tormentor grants an Aghanim's Shard buff to one of the allied heroes with the lowest networth unless he has already obtained it. Note that this action is automatic; you can't pick the item from the ground. If every player has the Shard, all the characters get 280 XP and 280 Gold rewards.

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How to deal with Tormentors?

  • Keep in mind that Tormentors reflect 70% of the incoming damage. Killing them solo is not an easy task, so the best approach is to attack the mini-boss with several teammates.
  • The reflected damage is always magical. That's why items with Magical Resistance will be a great help: Eternal Shroud, Pipe of Insight, or neutral items like Occult Bracelet.
  • Tormentors have 20 armor. Get the Medallion of Courage or a hero with armour-reducing abilities to fight them effectively.
  • To kill Tormentor fast, the best heroes are those with high damage and good Magic Resistance. Ursa or Huskar are good characters to deal with the mini-bosses.
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