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How to get Block of Cheese in patch 7.33. How to make new hidden item secret recipe in Dota 2

On April 21, Valve Corporation released a giant update 7.33. Dota 2 got massive reworks of the map and multiple balance changes of heroes and items. And together with it, developers added a secret recipe for a hidden item called Block of Cheese. Here's how to make it.

What is Block of Cheese in Dota 2 patch 7.33

Block of Cheese is a new free hidden item. It wasn't announced directly in the patch notes, but Valve made some hints on it existing in the game.

Players can stockpile this fruit, and then combine it into even larger, higher-value fruit in the late game. This larger fruit can even be combined into incredibly large fruit. What happens if you combine the incredibly large fruit? Probably nothing. (Definitely something.)

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When you activate Block of Cheese, you get an effect which will give 500 hp shield to a hero. It regenerates for 100 hp per second if you weren't hit in the last 3 seconds. You will keep this shield even after death and it can't be dispelled. Creep and tower damage doesn't stop shield regeneration.

How to make Block of Cheese

  • Collect 18 lotus fruits from Lotus Pools. To speed the process up, it's better to collect fruits from both side pools, if you can. Those 18 will combine into 3 Greater Lotus fruits.
  • Then kill the second or later Roshan and get the Cheese.
  • Cheese and 3 Greater Lotus fruits will be combined automatically into Block of Cheese. You can activate that item or give it to the teammate.
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