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Biggest bugs and abuses of Dota 2 patch 7.33

On April 20, Valve Corporation released long-awaited update 7.33 for Dota 2. It ended up the biggest patch since the game's release. As usual, there are multiple bugs and broken interactions to abuse. We collected the biggest of them.

The developers are working on updates right now, so some of these bugs might be already fixed when you will be reading this.

Bugs and abuses of patch 7.33

Immediately after the patch release users started complaining about a lot of bugs with Roshan. The second lair addition and the mechanic of him moving from one lair to another created a lot of weird moments.

For example, some people managed to aggro him, creating some fun situations.

After the release of 7.33, the bug with Vambrace has returned. If a player chooses this neutral item, he gets multiple copies of it.

Shields added to the HP bar are also bugged. Currently both them and the units which require fixed amount of attack to destroy (like wards) doesn't show these UI improvements.

In 7.33 the developers added Defender's Gates — the barrier on your base which allows you to leave your base to flank the pushing enemy, but not pass enemies through. Currently, they can't go through it by walking, but Force Staff allows them to pass it.

There are also multiple bugs with wards placements. Wards can be placed in Dire Roshan pit, but can't be placed on Radiant side. Same with Lotus Pools — some areas allow you to place a ward there, and some aren't.

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