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All sets from Dead Reckoning Treasure. How to get Dead Reckoning chest in Dota 2?

Dota 2 latest patch 7.32e brought a new hero Muerta and balance changes to the game, as well as the new Dead Reckoning Chest. The cosmetics are split into three tiers. Below are screenshots of all new sets.

How to get the Dead Reckoning Chest?

You can obtain the Dead Reckoning chest in matchmaking. You will be assigned a target in the opposite team, which you need to kill or get an assist. For this, you will earn Muerta Flowers, which after the game, can be exchanged for a Dead Reckoning Chest. Those who score the most will have their points (flowers) doubled.

The Dead Reckoning Chest can be opened with a key. Dota Plus subscribers will be given five free keys. They are also available for $2.49 or 20,000 shards in the Shard Shop.

Dropped skins of the same category can be recycled for rarer ones. For a random Tier 2 skin, you'll need five Tier 1 skins, and the same goes for Tier 3.


Death Prophet — Flight of the Crimson Queen

Leshrac — Fruits of Wane

Phantom Lancer — Darkwater Dominion

Shadow Shaman — Bantam Blaze

Windranger — Songs of the Soulfinch

Bane — Feasts of Fear

Ancient Apparition — Gilded Decay

Broodmother — Ruby-ridged Recluse


Lina — Dead Heat

Anti-Mage — Spectral Hunter

Dawnbreaker — Dying Light

Sniper — Expired Gun

Medusa — Death Adder

Viper — Soul Serpent


Pudge — Doll of the Dead

Io — Altar Ball


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