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At what time Muerta and patch 7.33 will be released? When the new Dota 2 hero will come out?

Update: The expected patch 7.33 turned out to be a smaller one numbered 7.32e. With it, Valve promised to launch a new "ambitious gameplay" update. The developers plan to release it in late April. However, these dates are not very fitting for the esports schedule. They'll have to release it right before the Major, which is not ideal. The event is scheduled from April 26 to May 7, so the patch will likely come out after the Major.

Original text: On March 6, Valve will "unveil" the next patch for Dota 2, 7.33. This update will include a new hero, Muerta. But at which time the patch will be released?

The update day was announced on February 21 in the post about Lima Major. Back then, they used an ambiguous wording, saying that they are "looking forward to unveiling" the next patch. That meant that it's possible the update wouldn't be released on that day.

But after the Grand Final Wykrhm Reddy, de-facto Dota 2 social media guy, made a post with Muerta and a caption "Nos vemos mañana. Buenas noches", which is translated as "See you tomorrow, good night". That means that most likely, the patch and the hero will really be released on March 6.

"Dota is not a 9-5 job. Dota is a state of being. Dota is Dota. And you are either Dota, or you're not". Arteezy goes deep in our interview from Lima
And yes, he even mentions SADBOYS!

But what about the exact time of release? Valve doesn't keep a specific release time for patches, even for big ones. But the company always releases updates during its working day. Its main office is located in Seattle, in Pacific Standard Time timezone. For example, among the three last numbered patches, 7.30, 7.31, and 7.32, two were released around 02:30 PM PST, and one — on 05:30 PM PST. That's the most likely release window for the update. In the mean time, you can look at the recent mini-event Valve launched before the game, and read about what we already know about the hero:

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