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Valve reveals next Dota hero Muerta's possible ability, Mercy & Grace. What is Forebearer's Fortune, how to find Muerta ability in Dota 2? Video

Valve added an easter egg item to Dota 2, most likely revealing a new Muerta ability in the game. It is hidden in a form of item called "Mercy & Grace". To find and test it, you need to play a mini-game.

What is Forebearer's Fortune? How to get Muerta's Mercy & Grace in Dota 2?

  • There's a new item named "Forebearer's Fortune", available to players before the start of the game.
  • 10 players need to use it before the start of the game. In this case, they receive ofrenda (offering) shovels.
  • Use the shovels to find and dig ofrendas on the map, guided by the game hints.
  • Bring the ofrendas to Muerta statues (left mid area for Radiant, right mid area for Dire).
  • Get the "Mercy and Grace" item and try it in the game.
"Dota is not a 9-5 job. Dota is a state of being. Dota is Dota. And you are either Dota, or you're not". Arteezy goes deep in our interview from Lima
And yes, he even mentions SADBOYS!

What Mercy & Grace does in Dota 2?

Muerta will most likely come out on March 6 with a post-Major update scheduled by Valve. There's a high chance that some more teasers or trailers will be shown on the final day in Lima, March 5. Here's what we know about the heroine so far:

What we know about Muerta, Dota 2 next hero: abilities, release date, role and other details
There's a lot of info already.
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