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When will Dota 2 next hero Muerta come out? Muerta, Mournful Revenant possible release dates

Dota 2 fans are awaiting the arrival of the next hero. Announced at The International 2022, Muerta should come out somewhere in "early 2023". Most probably, she will be added together with the next big patch, 7.33. But when will the update happen? There are several options.

When will Muerta come out in Dota 2?

Valve didn't announce patch 7.33 since the company prefers to just drop the updates without warnings. But there aren't that many options when we look at the DPC schedule. Theoretically, the patch shouldn't disturb important events, so there are basically two fitting gaps.

Tour 1 DPC 2023 schedule:

  • Upper Division: January 5-29.
  • Lower Division: January 30 — February 19.
  • 4D Esports Lima Major: February 24 — March 5.

This year the Divisions were separated by schedule. It creates the first opportunity for Muerta at the end of the upper Division, January 29-30. Not an ideal date since the lower Division starts right off the bat, but we've seen crazy updates from Valve a few times.

By the same logic, another possible release date is when Div 2 ends on February 19. It's less than a week before the Major launch, so the professional teams won't have enough time to practice the new patch. For quality of competition, this is the worst possible option, but at least it will make the Major more fun to watch for more casual viewers.

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And finally, the third opportunity is after the Major. It will be concluded on March 5, and it's still fitting the promised "early 2023". This is probably the safest bet for Valve in terms of schedule. And since Muerta is a Latin-themed character, it would be very fitting to reveal her at the end of Lima Major.

Muerta was announced on October 30. Valve didn't reveal much about the hero, but data miners already have something to tell about her lore and possible abilities. You can read about them here.

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