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All sets from second Diretide 2022 Collector's Cache II Treasure. Items from chest Collector's Cache 2 TI11

On December 22 Valve Corporation released the second Diretide 2022 Collector's Cache. It includes 18 sets, 4 of them are bonus rewards of various rarity.

Just like the first Collector's Cache, there is a level reward for opening the sets. Getting one will land you 2,500 points, 7 treasures will earn you 6,500, and full lineup will result in 27,000 points.

Bird of Prey, Legion Commander

Grand Suppressor, Silencer

Darkbrew's Transgression, Alchemist

Transcendent Path, Oracle

The Wilding Tiger, Brewmaster

Dawn of a Darkness Foretold, Doom

Cursed Cryptbreaker, Pudge

Feasts of Forever, Night Stalker

Darkfeather Factioneer, Phantom Assassin

Withering Pain, Clinkz

Freeboot Fortunes, Ogre Magi

Acrimonies of Obsession, Vengeful Spirit

Sacred Chamber Guardian, Huskar

War Rig Eradicators, Techies

Grudges of the Gallows Tree, Treant Protector (Rare)

Brands of the Reaper, Anti-Mage (Rare)

Sublime Equilibrium, Void Spirit (Very Rare)

Unities of Discord, Chaos Knight (Extremely Rare)


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