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How to counter Bloodstone Razor in Dota 2 patch 7.32d? Items, builds, and heroes

Razor has been a bane of Dota 2 lately. The hero dominated the servers since patch 7.32d with a solid 56.2% winrate on average. Because of recent changes, he saw rapid growth in popularity during the last week. In this article we collected some tips on how to deal better with the hero.

In 7.32d Razor's Shard was buffed, making the build with Bloodstone much more popular. The Aghanim's Shard can send a lightning to three opponents when Razor is being attacked or targeted by a spell. Together with Bloodstone, it allows him to farm really well and be extremely survivable, and the longer Razor stays in a fight, the more dangerous he is. So what can you do against him? First, the items.

Which Items counter Razor?

Ghost Scepter: Most of Razor's damage is physical damage. The scepter helps to disengage when attacked by his ultimate, and saves you from right clicks after he steals a lot of damage.

Mage Slayer: Good choice for carries, the active debuff reduces his damage output by 35%, except for the Static Link. The 25% base magic resistance really helps against Razor's ability to heal with Bloodstone.

Silver Edge: Breaks Razor's passive and shard effect, reducing movement speed. Helps to disengage when being linked.

Spirit Vessel: One of the best choices for supports and some offlaners, this item reduces healing and regeneration by 45%. That makes his sustan much weaker, and without it, the build crumbles. Just make sure to earn enough charges.

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Which heroes counter Razor?

Bloodseeker: Razor's fighting style depends on mobility. Rupture prevents him from moving, rendering most of his kit useless. He has to stay in place or leave the fight by teleporting.

Drow Ranger: Silence stops spellcasting, while her shard blocks regeneration. Marksmanship is especially hurtful to Razor, who relies on his armor. She is also a natural Silver Edge carrier. Just be careful to not trigger too many Shard procs.

Shadow Demon: Has two natural Razor counters in his kit. Dispersion helps to disengage and break the static link, while his ultimate slows Razor and removes all the positive buffs. With Aghanim's Scepter you can also break his passives.

Lycan: Wolves' cripple slows Razor down. Lycan easily breaks the link and destroys him up close before the armor purchase.

Legion Commander: Can easily beat Razor during the Duel, which keeps Razor in place and stops him from using actives. Proper timing around Static Link is important. Builds Blade Mail, which makes him think twice before using his ulti.

Other counters: Phoenix, Sniper, Shadow Fiend, Death Prophet, and Slardar.

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