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"Everyone understood that something f**ked up was happening, and we needed to deal with it". Team Spirit openly talks about almost disbanding due to conflicts, explains TI11 failure

Team Spirit released a video recap of their path through DPC 2022. The players and the management reflected on the key moments of this period and tried to explain their failure at The International 2022. The video was posted on their YouTube channel. We picked the key moments from it.

After the TI10 triumph, Team Spirit kept rolling and comfortably won Tour 1 with its Regional Finals. But during spring, the geopolitical events took their toll on the squad. With two Ukrainians on the team, they had too many distractions, aggravated by the relocation to Serbia.

As a result, they couldn't focus on the game at the invitational event in Dubai. Most members even think that attending this tournament was a mistake.

If someone asked me about one thing I would change in the past, it would be not playing the Dubai tournament. We didn't care about it, we had other more important things to worry about. The event was basically... We played it, but nobody gave a f**k about it. Aslo, we didn't have the full roster [Mira was in Ukraine], and we didn't care about the event at all. That was essentially a series of practice games.

Spirit Korb3n: "We will have one or two changes"

Since the EEU DPC Tour 2 was postponed, and nobody knew if it would resume, the players were in the worst mental state during the following period. Recently relocated, they were trying to compensate for the pressure by playing scrims, but the performance plummeted.

The team wasn't playing well during the following period, and the tensions were rapidly growing. The failure at Stockholm Major was another sign that something is wrong in the team.

Everyone understood that something f**ked up was happening, and we needed to deal with it. Cause if we didn't, we would be stuck in a loop, wasting our careers this way for the rest of the time.

Magomed "Collapse" Khalilov

In fact, I agree that at that time we almost disbanded.

Team Spirit had an open talk, discussing all the accumulated issues. Even though Korb3n doesn't think it gave a positive outcome, some players consider it did, especially in the case of TORONTOTOKYO, who improved in communication and trust.

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The following DPC Tour 3 resulted in 3rd place for Team Spirit, and they were still missing out on a direct invite to TI11. The overall mood was at its lowest point at the time, especially with TORONTOTOKYO who was refusing to play certain heroes. The relief happened at Riyadh Masters. Apparently, it was Korb3n who rejuvenated the team with another honest talk.

Korb3n was supposed to go to Serbia, but his flight got delayed and he came back.

I don't know, I guess he felt or noticed that something was way off. He immediately talked to each of the boys privately, talked to me. I told him what I had in my mind at the moment.

Before leaving, he had a final message to us that the whole situation that we got ourselves into was a fu**ing circus. We had to trust ourselves and our teammates more, not refuse to play heroes, play organized, and believe in a team because we were, first and foremost, a team.

Illya "Yatoro" Mulyarchuk

If we wanted everything to be good, we needed to put our trust in TORONTO, energize him, cheer him up, and offer suggestions to improve his game. And it worked, we did just that. It's like we gave ourselves a slap in the face: "Hey, our teammate is having a hard time, let's help him, not play without him".

Miroslaw "Mira" Kolpakov

At Riyadh Masters, Spirit didn't win but finished 2nd and felt united and motivated once again. They used this energy to finish the following Arlington Major as the champions.

What happened at The International 2022?

Some players indirectly blame the break before TI11 to be the reason for their downfall. Yatoro thinks he had spent too much time playing Dota, which could cause burnout. Miposhka didn't touch the game at all.

We had a month-long vacation, it was pretty big, the guys spent it in different ways. Some didn’t go anywhere and played Dota and other games, some rested and forgot about Dota at all, like Miposhka. He said he would have rested for another week, but when he finished in the top 16 [at TI11], he said it was too long. Some texted me on September 15 that we need to stop chilling and get back to work.

Dmitry "Korb3n" Belov, manager

Mira thinks that the pre-TI patch could affect their performance, as it changed the game for several roles. They had to practice many new things at the bootcamp in Malaysia, but the tension started to grow up again.

At the bootcamp, we were arguing most of the time. This time it was mostly connected to Collapse, and it was very difficult to play in such an atmosphere. I got a bit lost at that moment cause I was trying to make sure he wasn’t expressing frustration, instead of showing my best.

Mirroslaw "Mira" Kolpakov
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Despite many team talks and decent scrim results, it wasn't enough to overcome inner struggles. Coach Silent thinks that coming to TI as favorites could also be a negative factor. He also raised an interesting point that too much teamtalks could also be detrimental to the team.

When you come to meet expectations, not just to show your best performance, and you lose, it’s kinda a breakdown, you lose faith. I don’t remember having so many team talks as at this TI. There were so many of them that their value got lost, and no one was listening.

Airat "Silent" Gaziev, coach

Korb3n and DKLana summarized their run as lacking extra effort. There wasn't enough energy in their calls, players didn't motivate each other, and acted passive.

I just wanted it to end as soon as possible, the tournament and all that. Just end up and we'll go. There was no extra effort, and it wasn't like that at every previous event that we won. There was absolutely no effort from anyone at this bootcamp and tournament.

Dmitry "Korb3n" Belov, manager

Team Spirit had a mediocre performance in Group Stage and didn't survive a single series in the following lower bracket of TI11. After their loss, we reported that TORONTOTOKYO would leave the roster. On a recent stream, Korb3n said that it could be not the only change in the team before DPC 2023.

Spirit Korb3n: "Our game at TI11 was eye-bleeding. TORONTOTOKYO was the only one to perform well"

The International XI The International XI

TSpirit TSpirit

Silent Silent

Miposhka Miposhka

Mira Mira

Collapse Collapse


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