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All sets from The Wintry 2022 Seasonal Treasure for Dota 2

Valve released a new update to Dota 2 Plus. With it, the game received The Winter 2022 Seasonal Treasure. It is available for all Dota Plus users or can be purchased by everyone for 12k shards. The treasure has eight sets for different heroes, including Sven, Storm Spirit, and Oracle. There's also a very rare courier.

Lifestealer, Cold Rage

Sven, Sorrows Of The Sunken City

Elder Titan, Blades Of The Terraforge

Night Stalker, Harvest Night

Oracle, Spoils Of The Shattered Fates

Vengerful Spirit, Downfall Of The Howling Hearth

Storm Spirit, Whirls Of The Winter Wind

Spirit Breaker, Truculent Tidings

Frosty the Seadragon, courier

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