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Best heroes to gain MMR for Dota 2 patch 7.32d

On November 29 Valve Corporation released patch 7.32d. The biggest change is a huge nerf of Wraith Pact, which will make a lot of heroes more relevant again. Let's figure out the best picks on each role for gaining MMR.

Best mid heroes in 7.32d


Leshrac. While his nerfs are meaningful, this hero is still a huge snowballing beast. His Aghanim's Shard stun radius increase was reduced, and the damage of his ulti was nerfed. But the Bloodstone was mostly untouched, and his major counter in Wraith Pact was also basically removed. While he lost a lot of winrate, Leshrac is still a huge threat.

Queen of Pain. A significant ultimate cooldown buff for a strong snowballing hero can go a long way. She now can gank more often, and the lvl20 talent choice is a bit less obvious now. While you still want cooldown reduction in most cases, more damage from Scream of Pain can help the hero against some lineups. There is also an Aghanim's Scepter buff, but that item isn't very relevant on the hero.

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Death Prophet. This hero is more often picked for offlane these days, but a Crypt Swarm damage increase might help it compete against other mid heroes better. She can secure creeps better, which leads to good map control due to snowball. The 2% increase of the magic resistance in lvl10 talent is quite irrelevant, as most players are picking +30 damage, unless they are playing against a heavy magical lineup.

Arc Warden. The hero is still very strong in capable hands. Aghanim's Scepter nerf is fairly insignificant, as it's the first Wraith which is the biggest problem. CDR nerf on lvl20 is a bigger nerf, but it won't kill the hero.

Tinker. Another strong lane dominator, in good hands the hero is very strong, as proven by 55% winrate in Immortal matches during last week. And he was untouched in this patch, so he is still winning games.

Best carries in 7.32d


Naga Siren. She is still strong, as the nerfs weren't that big. Another 55% winrate in Immortal matches last week, and I doubt this number will go down too much. But the loss of 1 point of armor might make it easier to pressure her early, so you might need to play a bit more careful on the start now.

Slark. Still strong, 54% winrate among Immortals, no direct changes, no item nerfs.

Phantom Assassin. This fun snowball carry got some buffs this time. She is sustaining her lane better, and can farm and fight longer with reduced mana cost on Phantom Strike. Just be careful with picking her in high MMR games, as the opponents there know how to deal with her.

Best offlane heroes in 7.32d


Razor. One of the biggest winners of this patch. Not only he gets major benefits from nerfing Wraith Pact to the ground, but he also received a decent buff himself. His Aghanim's Shard now deals 25 more damage, which results in 75 more damage per proc, if there are 3 enemies next to him. Shard is a popular item for the hero, and this buff helps him farm faster and perform better in teamfights. He received a whopping 5% winrate increase just from that and +3 more agility in lvl10 talent.


Legion Commander. The hero is already strong, wins a lot from buffed Blade Mail, and isn't weakened by Wraith Pact nerf, since she isn't buying one.

Best supports in 7.32d

Silencer. Super annoying support to deal with, and he is still strong. Yes, his Arcane Curse radius was decreased, especially on early levels, so it's easier to not let him use the spell on both laning opponents at the same time. But he is still a big problem, especially in well coordinated teams. 55% winrate on a popular position 5 hero among Immortals is a rare sight.

Dark Willow. She got a Bramble Maze buff, increasing its damage per tick from 50 to 50/55/60/65, or 250/275/300/325 damage overall instead of just 250. The hero was already decent, so it resulted in almost 2% winrate increase, as more people started playing it.


Grimstroke. His Aghanim's Scepter became significantly stronger. Now it can be used on heroes under the effect of magic immunity. In the current BKB meta this is very important. The biggest issue is finding farm to get this item. But because of how good it can be from behind, it is worth it to shift farm priority when playing with Grimstroke against certain heroes.

Marci. She received a lot of nerfs, but it seems that it wasn't enough to kill the hero. So Marci went from completely busted to just strong. With weaker Rebound you will have more issues initiating fights against careful range heroes on lane, but her kit is still extremely effective.

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