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All sets from Diretide 2022 Collector's Cache Treasure

On November 22 Valve released a Collector's Cache for the post-The International 2022 Battle Pass. It includes 18 sets voted by the community.

The heroes who got the sets are Hoodwink, Riki, Snapfire, Chen, Clockwerk, Dawnbringer, Spectre, Faceless Void, Ursa, Phoenix, Terrorblade, Undying, Monkey King, Witch Doctor, Marci, Invoker, Primal Beast, and Tiny.

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The chest will be selling for 25 days, until December 18. For buying and opening them, players will get Battle Pass points. Opening 14 and getting all the regular sets will give 36 Battle Levels. The odds of receiving a bonus rare item will increase with each opened chest. The unwanted sets can be recycled for levels as well. The chest is $2.49.

Hoodwink, Shadowleaf Insurgent

Riki, Scarlet Subversion

Snapfire, Whippersnapper

Chen, Hounds of Obsession

Clockwerk, Seadog's Stash

Dawnbreaker, Starlorn Adjudicator

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Spectre, Spoils of the Shadowveil

Faceless Void, Chines of the Inquisitor

Ursa, Trophies of the Hallowed Hunt

Phoenix, Crimson Dawn

Terrorblade, Forgotten Station

Undying, Dirge Amplifier

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Monkey King, Champion of the Fire Lotus

Witch Doctor, Deathstitch Shaman

Marci, Blue Horizons (Rare)

Invoker, Angel of Vex (Rare)

Primal Beast, Dark Behemoth (Very Rare)

Tiny, Astral Origins (Ultra Rare)


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