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Diretide 2022 guide: best heroes, mounts, how to win

On November 4 Diretide 2022 was released together with Battle Pass Part 2. Let's figure out how this event works and how to win in it.

How to play Diretide

The event is a 5v5 game mode. All heroes, items and abilites are the same, but this time the event has no lanes and no creeps on them. Instead of it, there is a sleeping Roshan in the middle, and a bunch of Greevils spawning around. They drop candy, which you need to collect and drop into the enemy wells.

In the beginning of the game there are 4 wells for each team: two outer and two inner. You can't interact with an inner one if the corresponding outer is still active.

Diretide interface

Every well has a guardian, which tries to stop you from dropping candy there. And the process of dropping candy is quite slow, but it speeds up if you pass a lot of candy in a row.

At some point Roshan wakes up and starts hunting for Greevils. When he will get full, he will go to the well which has the most candy at the moment, and destroy it. While it goes to the well, there is still a chance to drop some candy in the enemy well and retarget Roshan. The team which will lose all four wells like that will lose. There is no other way to lose the game.

Besides candy, Greevils drop neutral items, gold pouches, and mana restoration items. Besides them, the map also has a neutral creeps, who will also drop items.

The best mount in Diretide, which mount to choose

The mount mechanic is a new thing in the game mode. You have four of them:

  1. Penguin. Super fast and agile, but damage will knock you off.
  2. Ogre Seal. Launches forward down cliffs and through trees, but can't turn
  3. Snowball. It stuns on impact and summon, but slow to turn and accelerate.
  4. Frosted Toad. It hops over cliffs and trees, but can't turn and hop at the same time.

The best mount will depend on what you want to do and your situation. While you are farming neutrals or Greevils, penguin is good. Snowball is good if you want to work on defending your wells. Ogre Seal and Frosted Toad are good in certain areas and can work for deep diving the enemy wells.

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Best heroes for Diretide 2022

The game mode is a constant fight. So the best heroes are those who can either scale during fights, has no serious cooldowns, or allow you to dominate with their abilities.

Leshrac. This hero is the biggest imba in the game mode. He is very strong in the meta already, and here he is even better. He can deal tons of damage, heal, farm Greevils and heroes at the same time. He will rarely escape bans.

Pudge. Another meta hero, who doesn't depend on mana or cooldowns. He can not only kill, but also save teammates with his hook and Shard ulti.

Storm Spirit. The hero that can fly to the enemy well and reroute Roshan there is extremely valuable. No cooldowns is great as well.

Undying. Endless fighting is great for him. Aghanim's Scepter is a must have item.

Bristeback. Doesn't depend on cooldowns, deals tons of damage in the area, very survivable.

Slark. The map has a lot of space to heal, and passive will allow you to gain a lot of agility in constant fights.

Tinker. Teleporting to teammates and dealing tons of damage is something you will love in Diretide.

Spirit Breaker. Good to punish those trying to invade your wells.

Bloodseeker. Gets a lot of speed from any fights, and it's easy to hit a silence.

Io. Very strong with any of the aforementioned heroes.

Sources: First Dota 2 Major of next season will be held in Lima, Peru
Cover: Valve

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