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CM Persona arrives with Battle Pass 2022 part 2 Video

The new Crystal Maiden Persona has arrived at the Dota 2 client with the release of Battle Pass 2022 Part 2. The update happened on November 3 as scheduled by Valve. You can get it at level 148.

Crystal Maiden's alternative look is not the hero with the grown-up wolf puppy but the beast itself. It has new animations for every spell. It also features a new Hero Portrait, Topbar Portrait, Minimap icon, Ability Icons, and over 600 exclusive voice lines.

2022 Battle Pass Part 2 will last until January 12, 2023. Its release doesn't include Razor Arcana yet, but it has an Immortal Treasure, marks the start of the DireTide event, and provides a lot of other content, such as new taunts and event exclusives.

Valve released Battle Pass 2022 Part 2 with Diretide and CM persona

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