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When Battle Pass Part 2 will start. TI11 Battle Pass part 2 release date

This year Battle Pass, dedicated to The International 2022, is split into two parts. The first one was released at the beginning of September. So when will the second one get activated?

The second part of Battle Pass will include Crystal Maiden Persona, DotA Allstars inspired Razor Arcana, Candyshop, and, the most important, the return of Diretide. It will be released on November 3 and will be active until January 12.

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There's a lot of info already.

Valve explained the split of content between two parts of the Battle Pass by the fact that The International usually attracts new and returning players. But when they get in the game, the exciting period of Battle Pass is already over, and they have to wait for a long time until the next content release.

This year's pass was released closer to the TI than usual, and will also extend further. But because of it and the lukewarm reactions to the Battle Pass content itself, TI11 prizepool will end up lower than the previous events of the series.

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