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What we know about Muerta, Dota 2 next hero: abilities, release date, role and other details

Valve has announced the next Dota 2 heroine on the final day of The International 2022 in Singapore. We gathered what is already known about her abilities, release date, and other information. The next hero will be Muerta, a female character, probably the personification of Death.

Luckily we already have some hints about her, found previously by Russian YouTuber. They were scattered by Valve across the different official announcements.

Muerta Release Date

Valve announced that the hero will "haunt the lanes" in early 2023.

But before that, we might find some new info very soon. The upcoming Battle Pass Part 2 may help with Muerta's identity. Previously, data miners found an item called Crow's_Mask in the event files.

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Muerta Abilities

So far, there's not much about her abilities known. We can assume she is a ranged-attack character since she holds a flintlock pistol, but not necessarily so. There's some transformation happening with Muerta in the trailer. Maybe it is reflecting some of her abilities.

The old Reddit leak has a hero codenamed Corpse Mother. It sounds resembling what we know about Muerta. If so, her abilities might look like that:

Corpse Mother abilities

  • Grave Grapple
  • Life Link
  • Soul Swell
  • True Love

The important thing is the list has a good history of forecasting heroes. There's Primal Beast and Hoodwink mentioned, and their abilities partially matched the final release.

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Muerta Lore

Muerta is the "Revenant" mentioned before. Wykrhm Reddy on Twitter calls the hero a "Mournful Revenant," while the item Revenant's Brooch has the same stylized bird skulls. Thanks to a sharp-sighted Redditor, we know that Muerta is actually wearing the item in the trailer.

The description mentions a celebration in the heroine's honor. Now, it's clear that it's a hint to the Mexican "Dia de Los Muertos" (Day of The Dead) — basically, a local version of Halloween, celebrated on November 1 and 2.

Asan, the Phantom Assassin persona released in this Battle Pass has some hints about her origins. Supposedly, she was "a ghostly figure, inspiring equal parts love and fear. She guided the hands of my saviors. And still appears to me in times of dire need..." He also says, "When my path grows uncertain, I can always trust on kindly revenants to appear."

There are strong ties with birds, or crows in particular, in her lore. The picture above has a reflection of a bird skull in it, along with another one right in the center of the Brooch. The trailer shows her wearing a feathered cloak after the transformation as well.

Dota 2 other heroes have mentions of a bird-like character. Wraith King and Hoodwink speak about someone with hollow bones and ask about "news from a crow's next."

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Muerta will be Dota's 124th hero. Last hero before her was Primal Beast, released in February 2022. Marci came almost exactly a year ago, on October 29, soon after her announcement at The International 2021.


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