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Dota 2 post-TI11 reshuffle. Rumors, transfers and roster changes for DPC season 2022/23

The Dota 2 "great post-TI reshuffle" has already begun, despite The International 2022 is not done yet. The final matches will run on October 29-30. Some teams already announced upcoming changes, transfer rumors started to emerge, while some legends of the game retire, and the orgs will need to find a replacement.

We are tracking the most notable changes in the pro scene, picking trustworthy rumors and interesting updates in one place. We will update the article with new pieces of information in time.

Eastern Europe:


Team Spirit

November 12: TT might miss the first tour due to not being able to find a good team. []

November 4: BetBoom's Larl might replace him [PlanToGetStrong].

TORONTOTOKYO might leave the team and build a new lineup with Nightfall and Save- [Escorenews].

December 1: Xakoda and yamich leave the team.

November 12: TORONTOTOKYO is rumored to reject the offer from the team, might mean that gpk isn't playing mid for VP anymore. []

RAMZES have left the team. might be fully disbanded due to internal issues []. The organization didn't deny nor confirm this rumor.

Natus Vincere

NAVI parted ways with their captain Solo. The reason is rumored to be an internal conflict that started before TI11 [].


NAVI bought ex-cybercats carry Shigetsu but for the PuckChamp roster [Maelstorm and].


BetBoom disbands the roster. SoNNeikO kept the slot in DPC.


ILTW is tested for HR. []

Solo is rumored to join the team, watson leaves for Entity. [sayuw]

"For some reason BOOM banned Magnus in the final stage". Collapse and Mira on early exit from TI11, roster future, and life after TI win
Fallen champions are talking about their mistakes.

Western Europe:



December 1: coach rmN- is replaced by ImmortalFaith.

November 13: GH says "most of players" will stay together. [Fan meeting]

Miracle might take a year-long break from Dota 2, while KuroKy and Sumail might leave the team [Fishman].

Team Liquid

November 8: Liquid won't change the roster besides Matu replacement [Team coach Blitz]

November 2: Liquid was considering Topson [Gorgc].

MATUMBAMAN will retire no matter the outcome. He has to serve his time in the Finnish army.

Gaimin Gladiators

November 3: Quinn will join the team [Ukrainian caster Storm, our sources confirm that]

BOOM left the lineup.


November 27: Alliance most likely signed ponlo.


November 16: Taiga said that there is "high chance you will see members of old OG playing DPC again".

November 16: OG CEO claims there will be only one change in the roster.

November 15: More confirmations of DM tryout [Dota2protracker]

November 5: Yuragi will stay in OG [Spirit manager Korb3n]

November 4: OG is testing DM [Cybersport.Metaratings, our sources confirm that]

ATF will leave the team, might play carry next season [Kenny Utama].

Team Secret

December 1: Nisha left the team. The rest will continue playing together.

November 5: Malr1ne will replace Crystallis, Nisha will move to carry. [Russian media Championat].

Entity Gaming

Ex-HellRaisers carry Watson "90%" will join the team [sayuw]




November 30: XinQ is a free agent. It's rumored that all members will leave the team at least temporarily.

November 4: Chalice might join PSG.LGD. [Ukrainian caster Storm]

Faith_bian confirmed his pre-planned retirement. Ame is expected to follow, but the player hasn't announced anything yet.

CDEC's offlaner Li "项羽" Longwu might replace Faith_bian [Chinese caster DD].

Royal Never Give Up

November 28: The team signs FelixCiaoBa, AlaCrity, eGo, and Flyby.

November 3: xNova and Ghost announced they are looking for teams.

Somnus`M retires.

"You need to be a degenerate to win this game, I'm sorry". Puppey's sincere talk on what it takes to be good at Dota 2, and being the only player attending every TI
The Captain's Speech.

Invictus Gaming

November 7: Oli returns to SEA and joins Talon. According to inflame, Emo might switch to carry, and fy will continue playing.

Team Aster

November 13: rOtk replaced LaNm as coach, carry from Aster.Aries with nickname , or Xwy, will replace Ori.

November 3: Ori is rumored to retire [Inflame].

Xtreme Gaming

November 24: old eLeVeN and lou left the team.

Southeast Asia



November 16: T1 announces the disband.

November 27: T1 sold their slot to Bleed Esports, the organization builds a new lineup. [AFK Gaming, confirmed]

Head coach March leaves the organization. Kuku and Xepher are looking for options to evaluate, might sign a new contract with T1. Whitemon also announced that he is looking for a team. Kuku also said that while ana might leave the scene again, there are a lot of teams competing for Topson.


November 25: organization announced its new roster with Natsumi, Yopaj, Fbz, Xepher, xNova.

November 2: Yopaj and Skem also looking for options, but might resign with BOOM.

Tims's contract ends. He is looking for other options but doesn't exclude renewal too.


November 12: AWF is a free agent. [His Telegram]

November 5: Oli and Jabz joined the team.

Kpii and Hyde are out.

Team SMG

Iceiceice left the team. On November 9 he said that he might take a longer break.


Raven parts ways with the team.


Organization releases its Dota 2 roster.

Blacklist International

November 25: organization enters Dota 2 with Raven, Karl, Kuku, TIMS, eyyou. They bought the DPC slot from RSG.

North America



November 1: organization released the roster.

Soniqs kicked Leslao after bombing out of TI11. They claim it's because of the racist incident.

Evil Geniuses

November 23: The team signed rumored South American roster of Chris Luck, Wisper, Pakazs, Matthew, and Pandaboo.

November 16: Fly announces that ex-EG lineup will continue playing with "similar roster".

November 15: EG release their roster, get the rumored roster based on Thunder Awaken.

November 5: Nightfall will return to EEU [Spirit manager Korb3n]. He started playing carry in pubs.

October 30: Evil Geniuses might acquire the remaining players in Thunder Awaken, adding Wisper and Chris Luck [Dota Radio]


DuBu left the team.

Trainwreck's possible team

Slot-streamer Trainwreck wants to create a team with s4, Arteezy, and Zai [No Bullshit].

Zayac: "When Puppey speaks, you should follow him and bring his ideas to life"

South America:


Thunder Awaken

November 25: TA announced the roster for BTS Pro Series S13. It's Smiling Knight, Aline, Michael, Accel, LittleBoy.

November 17: Alone is the first member of new roster.

November 8: TA released its roster.

October 29: Thunder Awaken releases their midlaner Darkmago.


November 3: the rumors are confirmed, DarkMago and Sacred join the team.

Beastcoast might add DarkMago and Sacred from Thunder Awaken. [Dota Radio, Stinger]. Wisper and Chris Luck are officially released.


The International XI The International XI



T1 T1



ccats ccats


s4 s4

KuroKy KuroKy

Arteezy Arteezy

Zai Zai

Solo Solo

Miracle- Miracle-

Sumail Sumail

March March

Somnus`M Somnus`M


Faith_bian Faith_bian

Kuku Kuku

Leslão Leslão


ponlo ponlo

StingeR StingeR

Xepher Xepher

Ame Ame

Topson Topson

Tims Tims

ana ana

Chris Luck Chris Luck


Wisper Wisper

Whitemon Whitemon

Larl Larl

Sacred Sacred

Save- Save-

Nightfall Nightfall



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