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Best TI11 games to watch during the break, no spoilers

TI11 is on break until October 29. Whole 219 matches are behind us, and we've collected the ones that absolutely worth to rewatch in this article. Let's check the best of the best this The International had to offer so far.

(Almost) no spoilers ahead! But don't scroll too fast, the Main Event list is made in chronological order, and next entries might spoil you the results.

Group Stage:

Team Liquid vs. Evil Geniuses, game 1

Evil Geniuses, who were already steamrolling everyone with 6-0 score, against Last Chance top-2 Team Liquid. 65 minutes of awesome Dota, filled with teamfights and great resilience from both sides.

RNG vs. Hokori, game 1

Noone expected anything from Hokori, but they managed to surprise a lot of fans on this TI. And they gave fight to RNG as equals. Great performance by Lumiere, Somnus and Ghost.

PSG.LGD vs. BetBoom, game 2

BetBoom was fighting for survival against Chinese gods of Dota. But nothing is more scary than a cornered beast.

Main Event:

Evil Geniuses vs. Thunder Awaken, game 1

Great opening of the Main Event. Fun picks, a lot of teamfights on signature heroes, and some absolutely nail-biting moments.

Fnatic vs. Gaimin Gladiators

Great demonstration of how important your draft at The International. When you start steamrolling, the only thing that can stop you is outstanding personal performance.

RNG vs. Entity

One of the historic games at TI11. A very messy draft from Entity Gaming against calculated Dota by RNG. Multiple records and a crazy ending of the first day of Main Event.

Team Liquid vs. Entity, game 3

Signature drafts from both sides, fights all over the map, and a retirement on the line. That's the type of Dota the teams can show when their tournament life is in danger.

Team Aster vs. Tundra, game 1

Pure, almost academic example of how both of those top-4 teams approach Dota. Recommended to watch ahead of the Finals Weekend. Signature Doom from 33 against a great Slark game by Monet.

Thunder Awaken vs. Team Liquid, whole series

This is the case where the whole series is worth to rewatch. It was the best ending of the first part of Main Event we could wish for, and possibly the best series of the whole tournament.


The International XI The International XI


Liquid Liquid



Entity Entity

Aster Aster


Hokori Hokori

Tundra Tundra

BetBoom BetBoom

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