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"For some reason BOOM banned Magnus in the final stage". Collapse and Mira on early exit from TI11, roster future, and life after TI win

Team Spirit's Magomed "Collapse" Khalilov and Miroslaw "Mira" Kolpakov came to a Russian version of Late Game show at The International 2022. With Oleksandr "XBOCT" Dashkevych hosting the show, it ended up a talk of old and new East European TI winners.

They discussed the failure of Spirit at the tournament, life after winning The International, and what's next for the roster. Funny that Spirit didn't expect BOOM Esports banning Magnus against them in the elimination game — Collapse is sure that he blew the cover by playing the hero in pubs too much on his main account.

— What happened at the tournament? Didn't get the meta, or didn't prepare well?

Collapse: It's not really our patch, and we had issues with drafts in most matches. When you have a lacking draft, it's hard to play. You are trying to think of something to do, and force some wrong moves. We just didn't prepare well.

— How did you prepare? Were you confident in your drafts but something changed, or you had issues from the start?

Mira: Our best heroes from bootcamp ended up outside of meta, like Batrider, Earthshaker. I was playing ES for the whole bootcamp, we are coming here, and he has 20% winrate. And I'm like: "Well, time to play Nyx Assassin". I'm level 5 in Dota Plus on this hero.

I wouldn't say it's about meta at all. You can play any heroes, as you can see from beastcoast or Thunder Awaken matches. They pick Tiny and don't give a f**k. You can play your own style, I just think our preparation for this tournament wasn't the best. It just didn't go well.

— Did you discuss your plans for the future? Any unnecessary emotions?

Mira: No, nothing like that. Of course, everyone are disappointed, we haven't talked about what's next. But I know that everyone wants to play Dota. I think, we are motivated even more than before. It's always like that after a loss. It's not the end of the world, just another tournament.

— Is it time to change something in the roster?

Mira: It's hard to say. To take any decision, we need to talk to each other first, let everyone speak their mind on this topic, and based on that come to a decision. We haven't done this yet, so it's unclear how we will move on.

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— Do you feel much difference between TI with audience and without?

Collapse: I don't feel there is much difference. Personally, I don't feel any pressure with audience.

Mira: It's very weird when you play a game and hear sounds of Dota 2 from the arena even through the headset. You hear smoke sounds, how someone runs somewhere or someone is getting caught, and everyone screams. And this dude might go somewhere because he hears that everyone is screaming, and he goes: "It seems that they will attack now". It's very weird how it all works. I think it's a big mistake by PGL.

— How did the life change for you after winning The International?

Mira: It's basically the same as before. You just don't have to think about things like how to pay for dinner or dormitory next month. I can completely focus on Dota and don't have to think that I might have to do something at the same time, to work and earn money to live while playing. [Do you still live at the dorm?] Of course not. Left at the same time I left my university. We don't need much. We are still nerds who mostly sit at home and play Dota 2.

— How did you draft against BOOM? Collapse, were you the one who chose Outworld Devourer, or someone else suggested it?

Collapse: Let me tell you a secret, we shouldn't have taken Nyx Assassin. We should have taken Magnus, skewer everyone and kill any carry with this hero. Personally I forgot that Mars isn't just an offlane hero for them, but also mid. That's why we got caught off guard like that and made mistakes on the draft.

Mira: It was actually quite weird, we haven't picked Magnus at all for the whole tournament, only on scrims against local Asian teams. But BOOM for some reason banned the hero against us in the final stage. Somehow they learned that we are still picking that hero even after he was nerfed. It was very suspicious.

Collapse: That's actually because of me, I started playing pubs on my main, and that's how they sniped me. I played a lot of Magnus, Primal Beast was also banned against us because of that.

Collapse seems to be in crazy form with 89% pub winrate. He won 26 matches out of last 29

— Why did you decide to play on your main?

Collapse: Before coming to Malaysia, I only played on my other accounts. But after coming here I thought that if I will continue with that, noone will recognize me, and everyone will fight over the role with me. It was better to play on my main, because people here love me. And it worked, I played every match on the offlane.

Team Spirit exited The International 2022 after losing to BOOM Esports in the first round of Lower Bracket. The team earned around $260k, or 70 times less than they got for winning The International 2021.

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