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We found Eva Elfie at The International 2022: pornstar embarasses TI11 players with sex questions and cheers for Tundra Exclusive

We've met an unexpected guest in Singapore at The International 2022 — pornstar Eva Elfie. We couldn't miss this opportunity to talk to her. So, in this interview you will learn what is she doing at TI11, how much she plays the game herself, who Eva considers the most handsome Dota 2 players, and what she thinks about the collaborations between adult industry and esports.

— I know you've been here in Singapore for quite a while. Was the trip to TI11 planned?

— Yes, I was in America, then went to Italy, and after that arrived here. I'll be at TI until the end. This trip was sponsored by 1xBet, I came here as their ambassador. They signed me up in September and asked if I'm interested in this. And I said, "yes, of course, why not". I'll be going around making content for YouTube, TikTok and conducting interviews. This is my first The International, it’s very fun. And we will also go to Brazil, Rio [CS:GO IEM Rio] to make the similar stuff.

— I remember you said that you like video games and esports, even congratulated Team Spirit on their TI10 win. Can you tell, how much are you playing Dota, what role, and so on?

— Actually, I'm not that much into playing Dota, I prefer to watch. I like to play games like God of War, Last of Us II, Life is Strange. I love to immerse myself in the process and not share it with anyone, enjoy the game on my own.

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— Nice. I heard you are always traveling with Switch?

— Yeah, and I also bought a Steam Deck recently. It's super convenient. Right now I'm playing the cat game [Stray?] Yes, it's very cute. I'm waiting very much for Diablo IV and God of War Ragnarök. [Did you like Diablo: Immortal?] Yes, it's great.

— Who are you cheering for at this TI?

— I'm supporting Tundra. They are performing well, went to the Upper Bracket playoffs, and I think they have a chance to win. And, of course, Team Spirit, but I don't know, they are looking worried, didn't get in touch with anyone today, but I still think they can get through the Lower Bracket. We'll see.

Skiter with Eva and Marple. Source: skiter's social media

— Can you make the top of the most handsome players in Dota?

— It's hard to say, because I remember their faces, but don’t always know their names. If you'd show me them, I could pick. [Well, you took a photo with skiter?] Yeah, he is so cute, he’d be in my top. I liked when he dyed his hair, it looked cool. Mira from Team Spirit would also be there.

— Who do you know from the Dota community?

— I don't have any close relationship with anyone yet. Right now, I'm meeting everyone, exchanging contacts. Surprisingly, there's lot of Asian guys here who recognize and approach me. So, the community for me here is more Asian than Russian. The latter are too shy to come closer, but Asian people, not so much.

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— You recently had a collaboration with War Thunder, they added your decal to the game. If you had an opportunity to work with Valve, what would you like to do? For example, in Dota or CS:GO?

— I think it would be fun to create an in-game character. Someone with a similar look, an elf with a white hair. To transfer my image on a character, that would be fun. I think people would like it. Or CS:GO weapon stickers, those are cool.

— How do you like the atmosphere here? Are you here for the first time? Have you seen the arena?

— It's so weird that they didn't even give me a badge to go around the arena. I can't even buy tickets. I thought I could, but no. As a media person, I can enter for the final days, but not the rest of the playoffs. So, how do I even do content? So I'm sitting in the hotel, catching people here.

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— How’s the work for you so far?

— I noticed that the players don’t really like media stuff. It's weird, because they are media personalities and one would think it's good to develop yourself in that area, not just dedicate yourself to the game. Of course, I understand that it's a professional thing, but I'd like for them to be more open and talkative.

Eva with BetBoom's Noticed and Larl

— What are you doing here at TI? Is this some kind of a vlog or something?

— Yes, I'm making vlogs, plus I created a sex-themed question poll about Dota 2. I go around asking the players those, they are embarrassed, it's so cute.

— Any examples?

— Well, who is the hottest character in Dota 2? Did you have any sexual fantasies about them? Dota 2 or sex? Something like this, and they have to choose. It's quite fun.

— Have you quizzed anyone already?

— Yeah, many. One from Tundra, Roma [Resolut1on] from Team Secret, OG will come, they are busy right now. Team Spirit are always busy, so I don't disturb them. We've asked a few analysts, XBOCT, one more guy from Sweden, and a guy from Korea, Dubu.

— The last integration with the 18+ industry I remember was when Freya Stein visited EPICENTER in Dota 2. She had that thing where she was at the event, then she went to the bathroom to make a video. I don't know if you saw it.

— No, I didn't. That's a nice idea, I'll remember that. I want to do some tiktoks, but the guys are a bit shy, so I have to catch them. We'll see how it goes. There was also that recent incident with Adriana Chechik at Twitch Con, unfortunate that she broke her back. So, the industries are kinda merging a little. This is all entertainment industry, anyway. So, I think these integrations are ok.

— Well, I saw the opinion that was like, "why did they invite her?" But I understand that it was your initiative, not someone from the organizers inviting you. What do you want to tell the haters who think that your presence here and content with players is inappropriate?

— I think it's all borders that people create in their heads. Basically, you make entertaining content and I make entertaining content. I'm not pretending to be some kind of a super Dota player or an analyst. I'm honest in saying that I don't have some deep knowledge about it, but since we are kinda in the same industry, we can communicate and collaborate, why not?

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