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We visited the hotel where TI teams are staying. Here is the photo tour Exclusive

The International 2022 will begin on October 15. All players got to Singapore and ready to begin their fight for Aegis of the Champions. Group Stage will be played in the Fairmont Singapore hotel. We visited the place to show you where the players will spend their next weeks as the tournament proceeds.

The hotel interiors. Judging from the official hotel site, the night stay prices at Fairmont Singapore starts from around $400-500 with fees for the type of rooms that players got.

These are the OG and Team Spirit practice rooms.

The hotel has several outdoor tennis courts and swimming pools with tables, lounge chairs, and an in-house bar right next to it. There is also one of the largest spas in Asia. But we really doubt players will have time to spend chilling with a cocktail or a glass of juice.

The hotel also has a modern gym. Being fit is much more popular among players these days, and we are sure they will appreciate the opportunity to exercise.

The window overlooks Marina Bay in the central area of Singapore.

At night, the hotel guests can enjoy the panorama of the illuminated city. In the background you can see one of Singapore's main attractions, the Marina Bay Sands Hotel with its rooftop pool.


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