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The International 2022 Main Event schedule, standings, bracket, and playoff results

On October 20 The International 2022 Main Event will begin. We've collected all information about the playoffs of TI11 and will update the article with schedule, results, and standings after each game day.

After 4 teams left the tournament in the Group Stage, there are 16 teams left. 8 will start playoffs in the Upper Bracket, and 8 in the Lower. First elimination matches are bo1, the rest until grand finals are bo3. The next owner of Aegis of Champions will be determined in a best-of-5 match with no advantages.

The games will start at 04:00 CEST every day except the last two — these will start at 06:00. After the first four game days there will be a break between game days on October 24-28. The competition will continue on October 29 and will conclude on October 30. On the final day there is also a showmatch planned with two teams made with the commentators from the different language streams.

The International 2022 Main Event day 6 October 30 match schedule

The International 2022 Main Event bracket



The International XI The International XI

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