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Entity.Fishman on Pure: "We trust him, that's why he f**ks everyone. And that's why he sucked in VP, because nobody trusted him" Interview

Entity Gaming's Ivan "Pure" Moskalenko and Dzmitry "Fishman" Palishchuk appeared on stream of former pro Nix after winning WEU qualification for The International 2022. They spoke about their daily routine, trusting each other and their flawless run through the brackets.

On team strats

We all prepare heroes individually. For example, I played 10 matches on Ancient Apparition this patch and won 7-8. Every day, I tell our coach that I want to play AA. I had 20 games on Jakiro with an 85% winrate. However, I haven't used the hero in qualifiers. I tell him that I want this hero, or Undying, Chen.

All my players, especially Vanya [Pure], prepare their heroes and say what characters they want to play. It's our common work.

Also, we look for the stats and numbers from various sources. It's very important. We trust numbers, I trust numbers. If we see that something's OP… For example, half a year ago, I picked Chen in a pub for the first time in five years. And I learned how to play him. I've never ever played Chen before. But you know, I'm a professional player. How can I say I'm a pro if I can't play the hero that has a 60% winrate? I'm like "OK, I'll lose some MMR, but I will learn how to play Chen." Same thing with Pure. Although he picked 38%-winrate Phantom Assassin in a scrim two days ago, in general, he has interesting ideas. Pure is doing great.

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Fishman's impact on team rotations and discipline

I can't say that it's only my achievement. Initially, I created the roster together with the coach and Crystallis. We had a super awesome atmosphere. Everyone understood what we work for, and how. When Pure came, we had to transform him a bit into a European. So he wouldn't give up in some moments and so on. Pure is great. First of all, he improved his morale. We trust him, that's why he f**ks everyone. And that's why he did suck in VP, because nobody trusted him. That's my opinion.

When we were picking a carry, not everyone agreed on Pure. But I told them: "Guys, he will f**k everyone, he has two top-10 ranks. We will teach and trust him." As you can see, he f**king wins. Pure is the best player with these qualifications. Vanya won them solo, he's that great.

Dzmitry "Fishman" Palishchuk
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On the flawless run

I saw everyone was saying we are the favorites. I was like, "No f**king way. Why do they think we are favorites?" But as you see, it goes how it goes. I feel sorry for Team Secret, who played one series for two days, then another bo3, and, in the end, met against fresh and motivated Entity.

Dzmitry "Fishman" Palishchuk

On team synergy

It's easy when the team has two Europeans and three CIS players. Our Europeans are so nice. You will never hear a bad word from them, while we [EEU players] can quarrel sometimes. This is what balances the team. It's easier to find common ground with fewer conflicts.

And CIS teams always had some conflicts. We might conflict with Pure sometimes, but it's once a month at worst. <...> And we trust each other. The coach has his last word. Ok, he doesn't, but we trust each other. And we say: "This player should pick himself a hero if he isn't sure." And he does.

Dzmitry "Fishman" Palishchuk
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How do you prepare?

Sport, proper nutrition, and daily routine are very important. But I think only me and Stormstormer are doing that. I started doing sports a year ago, stopped smoking, and now I'm feeling and playing better. Guys, be healthy and do not smoke.

When Pure wakes up, he pushes the search button. He goes to breakfast only after the first MM game, and it's cool that his day starts like that. I wake up a bit earlier, and we look for a game together. <...>

I know many players stop playing pubs during the qualifications. You know, pubs aren't that interesting when you have official matches. But Pure, for example, he played pubs every day. We all do. Everyone knows we must always push the search button: it's very important.

Dzmitry "Fishman" Palishchuk

Entity cruised through European qualification and finished it as the only team across all regions to never lose a map. In the grand final, they dismantled Team Secret 3:0 and earned their spot at TI11.

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The International XI The International XI


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