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Best mid heroes in patch 7.32b Dota 2. What to pick on mid to gain MMR

Dota 2 patches 7.32 and 7.32b, released in August, didn't have any mindblowing changes that could completely change the way the game is played now. But the balance improvements were significant enough to influence the ranked meta. So we figured out the best heroes to pick on mid in patch 7.32b.

Mid heroes to raise MMR in 7.32b:

Ember Spirit

The strongest among spirit heroes on mid right now. The removal of the small neutral camp next to the lane made mid dominators significantly stronger. Now their opponent can't go farm neutrals if lane goes south for them. And Ember Spirit is one of the heroes able to win the lane, if you go with Sleight of Fist build and constantly harass your enemy. Pay special attention to the range creep to not lose on early experience.

Overall it's a very flexible character. If your team needs an active mid, invest in Searing Chains earlier. It's an especially usefull skill if your team lacks control. Evaluate the situation and your opponents and act accordingly.

Ember Spirit from Yopaj, one of the strongest pro-players on that hero

There is a lot of options in terms of items as well. Maelstrom and Black King Bar are your key items. The first allows you to farm fast, while the second helps you to not get stunned and saves you in teamfights, which is very helpful for a such mobile hero.

A lot of top tier mid players like to start with Orb of Corrosion, sometimes even buying it before Boots, that allows them to pressure their mid opponent even harder. Boots of Travel is a great option to snowball from a perfect start on the lane. Linken Sphere will save you from a lot of BKB-piercing abilities. Some players even go with physical damage Ember Spirit with Desolator and Daedalus.

Ember Spirit by miCKe

Aghanim's Scepter and Aghanim's Shard deserve to be mentioned separately. The first item significantly improves your mobility and damage, allowing you to kill supports and escape in a blink of an eye. The second one makes your Fire Remnants constantly deal damage in area around them. It helps to kill opponents without risking too much. Both items are quite good, but Scepter is much more popular.

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Queen of Pain

Another strong hero on lane. She dominates her lane and snowballs the map afterwards. Her winrate isn't very high, only 47,7% among Immortals, but it's one of the most popular mid heroes regardless. In high rank matchmaking only Lina is picked more often.

There are a lot of ways to build this hero, but most players go with Shadow Strike, level up Scream of Pain once, and return to it only on lvl 7. But some people are still focusing on Scream of Pain.

How Somnus丶M plays Queen of Pain

In terms of items a very popular way to build QoP now is with Witch Blade. This item is used in almost every game. Other key items: Power Threads, Black King Bar, Aghanim's Shard, Kaya and Sange. Late game builds are also quite diverse. You can go with Scythe of Vise, or with Shiva’s Guard and Octarine Core, or even with Assault Cuirass. It all depends on hero composition and situation on the map.


Source: Dota 2

Another dominating mid. It's the most popular hero on the lane among Immortals and pro-players in ranked in the last week. And while in matchmaking her winrate isn't that high, only 47,7% (49,5% in high skill pubs), in EEU TI11 qualification, for example, Lina won 71% of matches.

Almost all players max Dragon Slave on lane, taking the passive on the second level. So by level 7 the combination of ultimate and Q will deal 810 magical damage. Pay special attention to the first talent — you might think that if you want to go physical damage build, +25 to attack damage looks better. But in reality -3,5 seconds to Dragon Slave cooldown helps building your passive stacks, which is very important.

Physical damage build from gpk~ on EEU TI11 qualifier

There are two popular approaches to Lina builds. One is fast Falcon Blade to other items increasing your attack damage and helping auto-attacking: Crystallis and its upgrade to Silver Edge, Monkey King Bar, Hurricane Pike, Eye of Skadi. In other case you will increase Lina's magical damage. In this case you get Aether Lens, Aghanim's Shard, Eul’s Scepter of Divinity, Aghanim’s Scepter, Octarine Core, and other similar items.

And this is a magical build from the same player in TI11 EEU qualifier

Boots of Travel are deserving a separate mention. Almost all high level players are buying these boots on Lina, sometimes after disassembling Arcane Boots. Don't ignore these, they allow you to farm the whole map and quickly join any fights, snowballing your early advantage.


Source: Dota 2

One of the most annoying heroes in Dota 2 to play against came back to meta. Dealing with a good Tinker player is very hard. Hero's winrate in high level pubs demonstrate that clearly, it's a whopping 57%. The situation here is similar to Ember: neutral camp removal didn't hurt the hero, and he is quite good on his lane.

Patch 7.32 also helped Tinker a lot in other ways. Both Laser and Rearm now cost less mana, which helps the hero early. But there is one nerf to balance things out. Now if Tinker's Rearm gets interrupted, the skill goes on cooldown for 8/7/6 seconds. So the positioning is more important than ever for Tinker. Besides that, Soul Ring got more expensive in 7.32b, now it costs 855 instead of 700. But it didn't affect Tinker.

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Hero builds didn't change much: max Laser and Heat-Seeking Missile on lane and harass your opponent like crazy. Most high skill players don't touch Defense Matrix at all until level 8-10. The items are quite predictable too: Soul Ring, Blink Dagger, Shiva’s Guard, Scythe of Vise. Aghanim’s Scepter became less of a staple for the hero. Now the item allows your Laser to bounce to the second target and reduce opponent hp by 10%. Some players are still buying it, but not all.

Abed with an early Overwhelming Blink build

With the Rearm change Black King Bar became a much more popular item, since you don't want to be left without the ability to blink around the battlefield like crazy and spam your items. Kaya and Aether Lense are a good intermediate items for the hero as well.

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