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Best carries in 7.32b Dota 2. Best heroes to raise MMR on carry

In August Valve Corporation released patches 7.32 and 7.32b. While they brought nothing revolutionary to the game, they still refreshed the meta and brought new heroes in the spotlight. We tried to figure out the best heroes to play on carry role in 7.32b.

Faceless Void

The most popular carry in high level pubs with a very high winrate — 54,1% among Immortals in patch 7.32b. With his Q and E he is good at staying on the lane and evading death, and in 7.32 his basic no-Shard Time Walk got even better with increased range.

On a difficult lane it's good to spend a single point on Q, W and E each in this order, and then fully level Time Walk. Against the weaker opponents which can be killed with a support, it's better to focus on E.

Yatoro build

There are two item builds. Some go with Power Threads, Mask of Madness, Maelstrom, and Black King Bar. This build fits better if you want to have an active game, fight often, and dominate the map. If you want to farm, it's better to do with Power Threads and Hand of Midas, then buy Maelstrom and BKB if needed. Aghanim's Shard is a very important item for Void, allowing him to jump further and return to the starting point. It will help him both to stay alive and counter-attack in fights.



Another popular carry in high MMR pubs with high winrate. In patch 7.32 the hero got an interesting talent — Earthshock Applies 2 Fury Swipes. It allows the bear to scale even better and stack swipes faster, which allows to kill targets even quicker.

Usually people level up Ursa with W and E: Fury Swipes and Overpower. The usual build is buying the Battle Fury, Blink Dagger, and Skull Basher. After that high skill players can take few routes: some buy Aghanim's Scepter or Nullifier, some go with upgrading Skull Basher to Abyssal Blade. If you want to go full aggression, buy Diffusal Blade instead of Battle Fury and Phase Boots instead of Power Threads.

Skiter build
A more aggressive build from YawaR


Even tho this hero isn't very popular on the pro-scene, he is quite often appears in pubs. This carry is second in popularity among Immortals. His winrate is 51,5%.

In patch 7.32 Valve nerfed a lot of heroes which were good against Slark: Puck and Bloodseeker, popular in the previous patches. Even tho Slark also got nerfed a bit, he is still good, and the increased attack speed helps him on the lane.

T1 with Topson and ana advanced at least to Last Chance at TI11

There are basically no experiments in skill build on Slark, almost everyone go the same way: one point in W and E, and then max Q. At the same time, there are a lot of different item builds. For example, Ame go with Falcon Blade before buying the boots to speed up his farm, and only then buy Power Threads and Diffusal Blade.

The main Slark item in the current meta is Aghanim's Scepter. It makes Pounce to have two charges and increases its range. The hero becomes very mobile and very hard to kill. After that you can go with Skull Basher or Eye of Skadi, and Butterfly later.

Ame build with Falcon Blade

Some players buy Orb of Venom on lane, upgrade it to Orb of Corrosion later, and then get Echo Sabre in addition to that.

Dyrachyo build with Orb of Corrosion
Alliance lost to Gorgc's streamer team and failed to qualify to The International 2022

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