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Best heroes to gain MMR in patch 7.32 in Dota 2. Biggest winners of the patch

On the night of August 23-24 Valve Corporation released the long-awaited update 7.32. It changed most heroes, added new neutral items, and allowed team to pick Primal Beast in the Captain's Mode. Let's figure out together which heroes won the most from changes based on their winrate changes in matchmaking.

Best carries of patch 7.32 in Dota 2

Phantom Assassin. The developers brought back PA in meta with just two changes. First, now the effect of Phantom Strike also gives her +10/15/20/25% to lifesteal. Before players could only get that as a talent on lvl15, and most people chose the different one. Now she is much better at farming the jungle and can trade better on the lane.

The second one, the talent on +25% to evasion from Blur is now can be picked on lvl15 instead of lvl20. That makes her very hard to kill by autoattacks in the mid game, since no heroes will have MKB that early.

These changes made her a very active hero in the early-mid game. She might even skip Battle Fury, go directly for Desolator, and run around with her team killing everyone. The +4.5% winrate increase is a good proof how these changes made her one of the most solid carries of the patch.


Clinkz. Another hero that got a major boost from the changes. Because of the increased amount of arrows on Burning Barrage (from 3/4/5/6 to 6), now he has more damage on the lane, and he farms jungle stacks faster. On the lvl4 of the ability he also shoots his arrows faster, 2 seconds instead of 2,4. It's unclear if this change will be enough to get him back to proscene, but in matchmaking this hero can be a big issues in skillful hands, as showed by stats — 4.29% winrate increase.


Best mid heroes in patch 7.32 in Dota 2

Tinker. This hero is changed in almost every patch, but he wasn't relevant on the pro-scene in the long time. And it seems that now he is closer than ever to coming back. His Laser manacost got decreased (from 105/120/135/150 to 95/110/125/140), same with Rearm (from 150/225/300 to 130/185/240).

But Valve also wants to reward Tinker opponents for playing well and catching him on the Rearm. If his ultimate will be cancelled, it will have increased cooldown of 8/7/6 seconds.

Another change that made Tinker better is the removal of small camps next to mid lane. Unlike many other popular heroes of the patch, he doesn't rely on this camp that much, stacking ancients and farming the lane instead. Patch 7.32 gave Tinker an immediate jump to positive winrate.


Ember Spirit. Unlike Tinker, this hero got hurt by the removal of the small camp, but his opponents got hurt more. If you go with Sleight of Fist and Searing Chains build and dominate the lane, your opponent won't be able to leave to farm small camp and will miss on crucial mid farm. With lower Remnant and Flame Guard mana cost it's also much more convenient to gank people early and easier to farm. If you want an active mid hero, Ember Spirit is your choice.

Just be careful, it's not strong enough to win any lane, and some of his natural counters might get more popular as meta develops. But for now he has a 47,5% winrate, which is a decent number for spirit hero across all MMR ranges.


Best offlane heroes in patch 7.32 in Dota 2

Legion Commander. This hero got some very good buffs. Duel base range got increased, and it also grows with levels (from 150 to 200/250/300), and on lvl10 you can get a talent which gives +8 to damage from every duel win. Blade Mail duration also got increased from 4,5 to 5,5 seconds, which is a staple item for offlane LC. That results in one of the highest offlane winrates so far.


Slardar. He got few minor bonuses. First, now Slithereen Crush costs less mana, and creates a small puddle in the area. He also get bigger bonuses from Guardian Sprint while being in the water, be it the river or his own puddles.


Best supports in patch 7.32 in Dota 2

Undying. This hero received one of the strongest buffs among supports. Decay got much, much stronger, as now when strength buff/debuff is ending, enemies won't get their health back, while Undying won't lose hp. Now he harasses opponents much stronger on the lane, and even deals more damage on lvl4.

Disruptor. Main ability of the hero, Glimpse, finally started dealing some damage. Before this change enemy could blink and TP out after Glimpse, but now they won't be able to escape punishment that easily. It will deal at least 50 damage, and 150/200/250/300 if the distance of return will exceed 1400 units.


Phoenix. The bird already was in meta in 7.31d, but Valve decided to make it even stronger. Hero got stronger on the lane with increased dps from Fire Spirits. Every spirit will deal 20 more damage if you will hit the target, so overall dmg was increased by 80. And Phoenix also got 1 more hp regen point, which increased its sustain on the lane a bit.


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