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New Aghanim's Shards in patch 7.32 Dota 2. All major Shard changes

On August 23-24 Valve released the long-awaited patch 7.32. It changed many heroes, tried to fix the Dire winrate imbalance, added new Neutral items and removed old ones, and allowed players to pick Primal Beast in Captain's Mode. Many heroes got new or reworked Aghanim's Shard abilities. We collected the most important changes here for you.

Ancient Apparition

Now also slows Attack Speed for the same amount as Movement Speed Slow.


Shard now applies Sticky Napalm every second attack instead of every attack.


Shard now allows to put Hawk summon on auto-cast. Doing so will make all Hawks instantly and automatically cast Dive Bomb on the first viable target in range, regardless of whether Hawk is still flying or stationary.

New Aghanim's Scepters in patch 7.32 Dota 2. All Aghanim changes
So much fun and memes.

Bounty Hunter

Reworked Shard. Shadow Walk has 2 charges and can be cast on allied heroes. Does not break Bounty Hunter's invisibility when cast on allies. Fade time for allies is always 1s. Charge restore time: 15/14/13/12s.


Increases Insatiable Hunger duration by 2s. While Insatiable Hunger is active, its bonus damage is increased by 12 every 1s.

Dark Seer

Surged units leave behind a 150 radius trail that lasts 7s, slows enemies around it by 50% and deals 35 damage every 0.5s. Ability can be put on autocast to disable the trail.


Grants new ability: Little Friends. All creeps, enemy, ally and neutral within 1200 range of the target will attack the target with 100 bonus attack speed and 100% bonus movement speed for 6 seconds. Mana Cost: 75. Cooldown: 20s. Cast Range: 600. Cannot target buildings. Target is not attacked by either heroes nor illusions.


Increases Malefice stun duration by 0.35s and at every tick on an enemy hero creates an Eidolon which cannot split but still get a refreshed duration after a set amount of attacks.


Hunter's Boomerang now granted by Shard. Damage decreased from 350 to 200. Spell Amplification decreased from 25% to 20%. No longer reduces Status Resistance.


Every time an enemy hero is hit by a Lucent Beam, Luna's attack damage is increased by 15 for 12s.

Monkey King

Can be put on auto-cast to quickly leap to the opposing end of the staff as the staff from Boundless Strike hits the ground.


Now causes Attribute Shift to work while stunned and increases bonus Agility/Strength by 6.

Nature's Prophet

Grants new ability: Curse of the Oldgrowth. Applies a curse on all non-invisible enemy heroes within 1200 range, revealing them in fog of war, slowing them, and causing damage over time based on how many trees there are within 250 radius. Treants count as trees for this purpose. Each tree reduces movement speed by 7% and deals 15 damage per second. Duration: 6s. Cooldown: 20s. Mana Cost: 80. Cast Range: 800.


Now Storm Surge always hits up to 3 valid targets, even if the attacker/caster of the incoming spell is magic immune. Cast and attacks have consistent targeting rules (only visible enemies).


Now causes every 4th Glaives of Wisdom attack to silence an enemy for 1.75s. Additionally, increases Intelligence stolen on attack and on kill by 2.

Skywrath Mage

Every time Skywrath Mage deals magic damage to an enemy hero with his abilities, he gains a buff that grants 2 bonus Intelligence and 0.5 bonus Armor. Each cast stacks independently.

Dota 2 patch 7.32 map terrain changes
Fixing Dire winrate.


Firesnap Cookie increases hop range by 175 and launches a Mortimer Kisses glob along with the targeted unit.

Spirit Breaker

Grants new ability: Planar Pocket. Barathrum distorts the fabric of space, increasing his own magic resistance by 25%, and redirecting the first enemy spell targeted at an allied hero within a 900 radius towards him. Magic resistance is removed after the redirected spell has hit. Duration: 6s. Cooldown: 20s. Mana Cost: 75.


Grants new ability: Tendrils of the Deep. Releases a wave of tentacles in the targeted direction. The tentacles deal 50% of Ravage damage and stun and travel 75% of Ravage radius. Cooldown: 20s. Mana Cost: 80.

Vengeful Spirit

Shard no longer provides bonus Magic Missile Cast Range, instead it uses the current cast range.


Grants new ability: Latent Toxicity. Applies a weak poison that slows by 10% and deals 20 damage per second to its target for 7 seconds. If this poison is dispelled in any way, the target will receive 300 damage and be stunned for 2s. Mana Cost: 75. Cooldown: 20s. Range: 600. Cast point: 0.2s. Projectile speed: 1200.

Void Spirit

Decreases Aether Remnant Cooldown by 2s, increases Watch Range by 150 and changes Remnant to persist through being activated by creeps (damages creeps once but does not disappear).


Shukuchi puts a mark on enemies it damages that last 6 seconds. When Geminate Attack procs, enemies with a mark within 1200 range will also be attacked with a secondary attack.

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