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DOTA: Dragon's Blood 3 Season ending

The DOTA: Dragon's Blood Book 3 was released on August 11. Fans are waiting for the anime finale. What was the ending of DOTA: Dragon's Blood Book 2 and how the events of the DOTA: Dragon's Season 3 book unfolded? Let's brush up on the storyline of S2, and tell you how S3 ended.

DOTA Dragon’s Blood season 2 ending

Invoker storyline. Terrorblade demands the souls of the ancient dragons that Invoker promised him for defeating Selemene. The magician breaks the deal and refuses, so the demon warns him of retribution.

An exhausted Selemene begs Invoker to restore her power, promising to kill Terrorblade. The mage refuses the moon goddess.

Fymryn storyline. Fymryn learns from Invoker that Mene's divine power lurks within her. She is a reincarnation of the sun goddess. In order to become the new goddess and prevent the war, she is being forced by Invoker to kill Selemene. Fymryn cannot cope with her remorse and releases Selemene by mistake.

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Selemene. After the battle with Terrorblade and the deprivation of her powers, Selemene finds herself imprisoned in the castle of Invoker, who was her lover. The exhausted goddess pines for their daughter. Fymryn takes Selemene to the girl's tomb, where the moon goddess regains her powers through the flowers and escapes her confinement. She returns to the surviving followers, led by Luna, who has escaped imprisonment, but they reject their goddess. In the post-credit scene, Fymryn comes to Selemene and asks her to stop the war.

Mirana, Lina, Davion, Kaden, Bram, Marci, and Auroth fight with the dragon of the void, who pretends to be Kashurra, an aide to Emperor Helio. He kills Lina and Auroth. Mirana and Marci find out about the magical artifact called the Eye of the Worldwyrm. Mirana, Marci, and Sagan unleash their hidden powers with the Eye. Kashurra kills Marci in front of Mirana, causing Mirana to awaken her Sun power and eliminate the dragon of the void.

Source: Netflix

After the victory Mirana becomes the Empress of Helio, while Davion is releases from Slyrak's bounds. The dragon is heading for a fight with Terrorblade in Foulfell.

The ending of DOTA: Dragon's Blood Season 3

Invoker recreates the universe using eight Eldwurms' souls and the Forge of Creation. He made a reality with Mad Moon and his alive daughter Filomena. Due to the disbalance of powers Mad Moon collapses, destroying the whole world besides the magician's tower.

Davion as the last dragon starts the battle with Invoker who was the cause of the world's destruction. During the fight, the mage takes Davion's powers and summons the Forge to recreate the universe for the 12404 times.

The Forge of Creation

Fymryn — who is Mene, goddess of the Moon in the new reality — helps Mirana to get out of Invoker's confinement. They ask Filomena to talk to her lovely father. The girl convinces him that remaking the universe is not the way to save her life. She shows her infected hand and explains that her illness cannot be cured by even the most powerful force. The wizard listens to his daughter and concludes that building a perfect world is impossible.

Filomena asks Mirana to restore the original reality with her power. As God-Empress of the Sun and the Eye, she is connected with Eldwurms' souls. Mirana faces a choice between keeping her lovers' lives in the destroyed reality and returning to the original world without Marci and Davion.


Mirana says goodbye to her lovers and returns to the original reality at the moment after Terrorblade's defeat and Davion's death in the Foulfell. Luna wants to kill Invoker for his fatal error but realizes that the wizard has already received his punishment. The current reality without his daughter is his hell.

In the restored reality, the heroes bid farewell to the Dragon Knight. At Davion's tomb, the goddesses Fymryn and Mirana agree to build this world together in union as sun and moon. Mirana repays the Shopkeeper and gives him the Archronicus, Invoker's book of knowledge. In the final shots, a living Filomena restores her father's ruined tower and is cured of her illness, followed by the phrase "Do you love me?"

Davion's tomb

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