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Daxak dropped the Urn in front of PSG.LGD. Now he wants the Chinese community to know why he did it

Tundra's stand-in offlaner Nikia "Daxak" Kuzmin got into a controversial situation during the team's last map at Riyadh Masters. The European team was heavily losing to PSG.LGD and tried to save their base.

Daxak got tossed inside the enemy lines and dropped his Urn of Shadows in front of the Chinese players just before he died. Three LGD players actively pinged the item. They might've just pointed it out or understood Daxak's idea but some Dota community members suggested that LGD players could be offended.

The thing is, according to some people, in the Chinese community dropping this item is a pretty harsh offence. In such circumstances it's implied that the Urn contains "ashes of parents" of your opponent. After learning this detail, Daxak recorded the video for his Telegram channel, in which he explained why he did this.

I dropped the Urn for them to break it so I would have a buyback. You can ask my every teammate, I think I said it out loud. Dropped the Urn, hoped they break it. They didn't. Things happen.

So now I need to search for someone among them who is speaking English or approach them during autograph sessions or something like this to say: "I am sorry, it's not my fault that someone is dropping Mantles of Intelligence or Urns. This is just a coincidence".

Nikia "Daxak" Kuzmin

Nikita hinted at Ammar "ATF" Al-Assaf's signature taunt. When he wins the game, he often drops Mantles of Intelligence in front of the opponent team.


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