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All sets from Chest of Endless Days

Valve Corporation added to Dota 2 a new treasure, Chest of Endless Days, which can't be bought and requires a key to be opened. These treasures will drop randomly to players as they compete in Matchmaking.

It will contain sets for Luna, Templar Assassin, Weaver, Nature's Prophet, Viper, Drow Ranger, Wraith King, Pangolier, Winter Wyvern, or Lycan. You'll also have a chance to unwrap a Rare Witch Doctor set, Very Rare Hoodwink set, or Ultra Rare Kid Invoker set, which includes the base Kid Invoker persona if not already owned.

Madness of the Amaranth Orb, Luna

Faceless Destiny, Templar Assassin

Vespoid Stalker, Weaver

Prolific Planter, Nature's Prophet

Toll of the Netherblight, Viper

Discipline of the Dark Star, Drow Ranger

Unholy Harvest, Wraith King

Foxtail Libertine, Pangolier

Polar Night, Winter Wyvern

Requiem for Red Wolf Clan, Lycan

Servant of the Sightless Shamans, Witch Doctor (Rare)

Scourge of the Skyrangers, Hoodwink (Very Rare)

Heir of Menace, Invoker (Ultra Rare, includes a Kid Invoker persona)

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