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Dota 2 7.31d best heroes to gain MMR

On Wednesday, Valve released the 7.31d patch. It was not too big but nerfed some Imbalanced heroes while buffing those who suffered. As usual, even slight changes could change the meta a lot. These are the best heroes to gain MMR in the current update.

Best carries of the update 7.31d

Juggernaut. The hero with the best win rate so far with an absolutely mad 55%! The thing is, in 7.31d Healing Salve was nerfed while used on a teammate. Therefore, Juggernaut with his healing ward became a stronger laner than ever. With Dark Seer and Crystal Maiden in meta he makes even more sense. Another thing is BKB nerf while Juggernaut never cared about this item. Looks like imba?

Spectre. She was not changed. At all. She obviously suffered the salve nerf because she never was a strong laner, but other meta carries were nerfed even harder. The same thing stands for Naga Siren, who is also OK in this update. Both heroes also lost nothing from BKB nerf.

Best midlaners of 7.31d

Zeus. He is never in a pro or high-rank meta but rarely has low win rates on average or lower ranks. He got insane damage, and even having a bad game can be impactful. He had a slight Heavenly Jump buff at this patch but gained more from BKB nerf.

Sniper. Another guy who felt well even last patch, but now he got a slight buff on his ultimate. Moreover, his hardest counter, Storm Spirit, was killed in 7.31d.

Alchemist was good versus most meta heroes of 7.31c, and nearly nothing changed. He even got his ult buffed!

Best offlaners of the update 7.31d

Dawnbreaker felt OK in 7.31c but got significant buffs with the update. She is now the hero with almost the best win rate!

Underlord is rarely a bad choice since his release. The hero is super versatile and easy to execute. With the nerf of BKB, his ability to counter such heroes as Naga Siren, Spectre, Phantom Lancer, and others became more viable. Just beware of Lifestealer!

Venomancer is another guy who can gain profit from a BKB nerf. His win rate dropped slightly compared to 7.31c but is still among the highest.

Best supports of the update 7.31d

Crystal Maiden. Anyone can joke about her movement speed, and armor nerfs, but CM was never a bad choice as she is very good at the middle or lower levels of play. She gets her profit from a BKB nerf since she doesn't have any BKB-piercing mechanics while her spells were buffed.

Dazzle. Logically, heroes with heal are getting into meta with the salve nerf. Moreover, Dazzle got buffs of his Poison Touch and Bad Juju.

Undying was always a good hero to gain MMR. He did not change with the patch and also got heal, which fits the support meta.

All screenshots are taken from Dotabuff.

Cover: Valve

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